Fun Times - June 2000
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Vol. 5 No. 5 ----- June 2000
A Homework Center

OLCers Honored at Schools

The following Orangethorpe Learning Center students were on the list of students who were honored for their achievements by Orangethorpe Elementary School:


Linda Ayala, Jessica Hernández, Carole Solares, Diana Murcio, Salvador Gutiérrez


Linda Ayala, Jessica Hernández, Raneisha Wright, Nadia Young, Diana Murcio, Nohemi Durán, José Pérez, Betty Bi, Johnny González, Salvador Gutiérrez, Joel Larios


Desirée Smith, William Solares, Bianca Solares, Leslie Cano, Elvia Gallardo, Christopher Van


Steve Servín, Raneisha Wright, Hugo Paz, Johnny González, José Pérez


Salvador Gutiérrez


Betty Bi, Nohemí Durán, María García, Salvador Gutiérrez


BRONZE - Hugo Paz

BRONZE - Anthony Trinh

GOLD - Betty Bi

In addition, Justin Hambey was given the Flying Dragon award by Dysinger School. Richard Ianculi was given an award by Raymond Temple School for "Exceptional Ability in Social Studies and Science". Rogelio Cerda was recognized for "Outstanding Participation" in John Marshall School's Field Day.

Congratulations to all our students!

OLCers Skate at Disney Ice

We recently received an invitation from Mr. Dave Wilk, of Disney GOALS, to bring a group of learning center students to Disney Ice. On May 24, we took sixteen of our hardest-working, most regularly-attending, best-behaved OLC students, to downtown Anaheim to enjoy an evening of skating and hockey.

Most of our kids had never skated on ice before, so they needed a lot of help from Dave's courteous and patient staff putting on hockey uniforms and helmets and lacing up their skates. But this didn't stop them from having a great time. Everybody was eager to get on the ice and it seemed like it was all over way too soon. Here were some of the things we heard that afternoon...

We're planning to return to Disney Ice some time in July.

Farewell to Sixth Graders!

The following students who attended Orangethorpe Learning Center during the past year have graduated from the sixth grade and will enter junior high school this fall:

Jaime Baltazar, Betty Bi, Seth Briggs, Nohemí Durán, María García, Johnny González, Salvador Gutiérrez, Héctor Morales, José Pérez, Mao Kim Phan, Luis Quintero, Popy Saradeth, and Kurt Swensson.

We'll miss each one of you and wish you all the success in the world at your new schools. We hope you'll come back to OLC whenever you can to help your little friends with their homework.

Thank you!

Orangethorpe Learning Center wouldn't be possible without the help of so many of our friends...

Parents Meet With School Leaders

During May and June, we had several important meetings between the parents of Orangethorpe Learning Center children and the staff of Orangethorpe School, where most of our children attend.

A friendly relationship has developed with the staff at Orangethorpe Elementary School. This has resulted in the school's vice-principal, Ms. Ann Rose, recommending OLC to her teachers as a place where their children can go for extra help. Ms. Rose and the principal, Dr. Patrick Backus, have both visited us on several occasions.

Several OLC parents raised questions about the possibilities of requiring wearing of uniforms at Orangethorpe School and of hiring bilingual office employees. As a result of the parents' concerns, meetings were arranged between parents and Dr. Backus, Ms. Rose and the school's Site Council. The parents were given a fair and courteous hearing at these meetings. In fact, Dr. Backus encouraged them to become candidates for site council openings in elections which are scheduled for this Fall. Several moms have taken up the challenge and plan to declare their candidacy. Both issues were addressed in a positive manner by the school. A uniform policy will be developed based on the results of a survey of all parents to be taken in September. The hiring of an additional employee will be dependent on availability of funds.

All of the parents who have attended meetings with school personnel feel encouraged and enthusiastic about this opportunity to play a significant role in their children's education. We will be in touch with parents during the Summer to make plans for this Fall.

OLC to reopen September 11

The 2000-2001 school year for Fullerton schools will begin on Thursday, August 31. We plan to reopen Orangethorpe Learning Center on Monday, September 11. Parents, watch for an information packet to come in your mail some time in August.

Students, don't let your brains sleep through the Summer! Go to the library and check out some good books and read them!

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