Fun Times - December 2000
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Vol. 6 No. 2 ----- December 2000
A Homework Center

OLCers Receive Karate Awards

Since our last issue, we learned that several more Orangethorpe Learning Center students were recognized for their karate skills in classes sponsored by St. Jude Medical Center:

Brian Beltrán, Luis Chávez, and Carole Solares each earned an orange belt, while Yesenia Quintero, Kimberly Beltrán, and Antonio Ramos were awarded a black stripe for their yellow belts.

We wish to thank karate master Mario Huipe for donating his time and knowledge in teaching self defense to the children of our neighborhood.

100 Dozen Tamales Sold!

As this issue of Fun Times goes to press, we are wrapping up a sale of tamales which will raise more than $1,000 to support our Learning Center. Under the supervision of Lidia Kowalczyk and Ofelia Ayala, the mothers of our OLC students and other friends are producing about 100 dozen tasty pork and chicken tamales which have been sold to the parishioners of our sponsoring churches. Thank you, Lidia, Ofelia, and all the other cooks and kitchen workers who have worked hard to make this fundraiser a big success. Thank you, church families, for purchasing the tamales. We hope we'll be able to repeat this event next year.

Thank You, Sixth Graders!

A few weeks ago, two new students, Onario and Germán Chávez enrolled at Orangethorpe Learning Center. These two brothers had just arrived in Fullerton from México and didn't speak very much English. Their teachers at Orangethorpe School had suggested that Onario and Germán come to OLC for extra help.

We don't have enough bilingual volunteers available to work with these new students but solved the problem by asking our sixth graders if they would like to help out. Several of our sixth graders, such as Alejandro Rivera, Alex Zamora, Mario Pineda, and Griselda Gaspar, are bilingual and were glad to help Onario and Germán each day. Our sixth graders translate and explain the boys' assignments to them, then translate their answers back to English so they can turn in their homework.

Both of our new students are very bright children who seem to have been well educated in Mexican schools and only needed a little extra help to pick up where they left off and make good progress at their new school in the U.S.A.

Goodbye, Lidia and Claudia

We regret that our Assistants, Lidia Kowalczyk and Claudia Castillo, are unable to continue working at OLC. We thank both of them for all their dedication and hard work during the time they were with us.

Attendance at OLC Increases!

As we've already mentioned, the teachers at our local schools are recommending OLC's services to students and their parents. Nearly every day, new students arrive and want to enroll. During the month of November, our average attendance was more than fifty children per day. We hope we'll never have to turn away any child who comes to us for help.

We remind all of our families and friends that we offer the services of Orangethorpe Learning Center absolutely free to our community. We ask only that each student who comes to our center be willing to learn and to accept help with his or her homework.

Parents, you can do your part in keeping OLC going by helping out in the center whenever you are able to do so. Please ask us how you can help! We have greatly appreciated the donations of snacks and refreshments for our students which you make, as well as your hard work in fundraising projects such as our sale of tamales. With your help, Orangethorpe Learning Center will continue to be a success!

Shalimar Center Reopens

We congratulate our brothers and sisters in Costa Mesa for working together to reopen the Shalimar Learning Center which, like OLC, provides a very much needed service to the families of its community.

DANGER !!!!!

Orangethorpe Avenue is very dangerous. If you walk to or from OLC, please cross only at the crosswalk by the signal at Gilbert Street! Parents, please drive carefully when dropping off or picking up your children in our parking lot!

Norm and the boys Bianca and friend Amanda and friends Volunteer Marian and friend

OLC Scenes

We hope you will enjoy these photos of our Director, one of our volunteers, and just a few of our students which were taken in our center by Pastor Patricia Farmer, of Orangethorpe Christian Church...

Thank you, Patricia, for making these beautiful pictures available to us.

We Wish a Merry Christmas...

to all the families and friends of Orangethorpe Learning Center. We thank you all for the love and support which you have given us throughout this year 2000. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the new year.

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