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Vol. 6 No. 4 ----- April 2001
A Homework Center

Welcome to OLC!

We'll miss you, Amy, Brian and John! After being with us for almost two months at Orangethorpe Learning Center, our three friends returned to their homes in Korea. We hope you'll come back next year and will come to our learning center once again.

Just before our Korean friends left, another student came to us from a country which is almost as far away - Sebastián Argüelles, of Lima, Perú. Sebastián is a fourth grader and is the cousin of Paul Li, one of our first graders. Sebastián arrived not speaking any English and we were very glad that cousin Paul is helping him out. Paul was very proud that he helped Sebastián learn two new computer games in one day. Sebastián told us that they had both IBM and Mac computers at his school in Lima, so he enjoyed sitting down at OLC's varied computer systems.

We understand that Sebastián has been admitted to Orangethorpe School. We hope that you'll come back to OLC, Sebastián, whenever you need help with your homework. Do our students have any more friends who have just come to our country or our neighborhood? Bring them to the Orangethorpe International Learning Center for a warm welcome!

Disney GOALS in Fullerton!

The Disney GOALS program has been holding its hockey classes for two months now, every Friday at 3:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall at the Methodist Church. We've seen quite a few of our Orangethorpe Learning Center children attending and participating enthusiastically, along with other children from our neighborhood. All boys and girls between ages 6 and 19 may participate. The children who attend hockey class regularly are allowed to go to Disney Ice in downtown Anaheim to learn to skate and to play hockey. "GOALS" stands for "Growth Opportunities through Athletics, Learning and Service".

Other programs in our neighborhood

Here are some other programs in Southwest Fullerton that our families might find helpful...

Aerobic Exercise Class, every M-W-F at 9:00 am in the Church Lounge of Orangethorpe / Cornerstone United Methodist Church (OUMC), 2351 W. Orangethorpe.

English as a Second Language (ESL), Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am, in the Rose Room at Orangethorpe Christian Church (OCC), 2200 W. Orangethorpe.

Karate Class, for children 5-15 years old, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 pm in the OUMC Fellowship Hall.

Family Support Group, the second and fourth Mondays of each month, 10:30 am in the Church Lounge at OUMC.

Hot Meal Ministry, every Monday at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall at OCC. Free dinners for all who need them.

Cub Scout Pack 1294, Scouting for boys in 1st through 4th grades, will hold a recruiting barbecue at the Orangethorpe School scout hut, April 28 at 4:00 pm.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please learn more about them by going, at the times and places given, to ask questions. Disney GOALS and the other activities we've listed are not a part of Orangethorpe Learning Center, but we know that many of our families participate in them and recommend them.

Friends of OLC

Recently, OLC was visited by the pastor of University United Methodist Church, in Irvine, CA, Rev. Cindy Williams, and one of her leaders, Joyce Stenberg. They wanted to see what we're doing and learn whether they could help us. They must have been well impressed, because Cindy informs us that her church will soon make a very generous donation of funds to help support OLC.

We were also pleased to receive a new and very powerful Macintosh computer from Jeanne Lindsay.We're busy loading a lot of neat children's programs on this fine computer and will soon have it in operation. Check it out, kids!

Another successful fundraiser

During the month of March, a group of moms, grandmas and other friends of OLC, led by Beatrice Sermeño, worked hard in our churches' kitchens making tamales to sell and raise money for Orangethorpe Learning Center. Miss B persuaded her mother, Connie, to come and work, and we also saw Bertilia, Elvia, Hilda, both Elviras, our new OCCCO organizer, Debbie Phares, and several other friends cooking and assembling hundreds of tasty tamales.

These 75 dozen tamales were sold to parishioners and friends of our sponsoring churches. The sale raised more than $800 to support OLC. Our previous sale, in December, when we produced more than 100 dozen tamales, raised more than $1,200. A big thank you to all our friends who have supported us!

Some of our friends tell us they'd like to prepare and serve an international dinner to raise more funds for OLC. Who is willing - moms and dads -- to work on this project?

Get well soon!

We wish a speedy recovery to:

The Wisdom of Little Children

Bea Sermeño, our K-1 tutor, invited her daughter Andrea to read some story books to her little ones the other day. Andrea is a pre-school teacher and an excellent story teller, so the children were all sitting enthralled until she came to a book in Spanish. When Andrea announced that she would read the next story in Spanish, little Jennifer Truong said:

"You can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Cause I won't understand it!"

Irene Bustos and Marla Carrera both sat down with their little friend and said:

"We'll translate for you!"

End of problem. Jennifer enjoyed the story. Why can't our world leaders resolve their problems that easily?

Notes from Norm

This time of year is important to those of the Christian Faith. I am always aware of the diversity of religious faiths in our community and among the students of OLC. I'm pleased that the schools teach about the beliefs and practices of many of the world's religions. Understanding reduces fear and mistrust and promotes harmony and cooperation -- Just what we want at OLC! Celebrate Diversity!

Happy Easter!

Norm Todd,

Este ejemplar en español

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