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Vol. 6 No. 5 ----- June 2001
A Homework Center

OLC Student of the Year -- Carole Solares

Carole Solares has been coming to OLC for about 4 years. Her parents, Gloria and Baldomero, migrated to the United States from Guatemala, but Carole was born in Anaheim, California, on December 31, 1989. She is eleven years old and is in the fifth grade at Orangethorpe School where she has received awards and certificates for being on the honor roll. Carole's favorite subject is math and she is quite good at it. Carole has no brothers or sisters.

Carole's favorite pastime is drawing and coloring. She would like to be an artist or a veterinarian after she attends and graduates from college. Carole is very interested in learning and should be able to achieve any goal she sets for herself.

Her favorite places to go are Disneyland and Sea World. She attends Disney GOALS regularly and loves playing hockey.

Of all the choices available, Carole's favorite food is black beans.

When asked what she liked most about Orangethorpe Learning Center, she said, "the people", and she said that there was nothing she didn't like.

Students like Carole and others that attend OLC who work very hard make the volunteers feel like working harder too.

GOOD JOB Carole!!

Pictures by Small Artists

Some people have asked us why we let our smaller students spend some of their time drawing and coloring. These activities aren't just for "keeping them occupied". Schoolteachers have told us that many children come to kindergarten or even first grade without ever having held a pen, pencil or crayon in their hands. This makes it very hard for them to learn to write. We have seen that this is true for many of our little ones.

Parents, please help your children develop their writing skills, even if they aren't in school yet. You'll enjoy the beautiful pictures they draw, but you'll also feel proud when they go to school and are able to start writing the alphabet, numbers and their names right away.

International Dinner a success!

On June 2, more than 200 people crowded the Methodist Church's Fellowship Hall to enjoy an International Dinner which helped raise funds to keep Orangethorpe Learning Center open during the 2001-2002 school year.

The following are just a few of the people we'd like to thank for making the dinner a big success:

One of our friends who was unable to attend, Ann Rose, the Vice Principal of Orangethorpe School, send us a generous donation along with this kind note:

"Thanks so much for the invitation for June 2nd. I won't be able to come, but please accept a donation to your great cause. We appreciate every hour of your time -- you are blessed angels to our students, and an inspiration to us."

Friends of OLC

Orangethorpe Learning Center was honored to receive a very generous grant from the Diocese of Orange's Catholic Campaign for Human Development. We thank Sister Katherine Gray and the CCHD board members for the interest they have shown in our small neighborhood program.

We're also very pleased to report that we've received donations of computer components from:

Farewell to Sixth Graders!

The following students who attended Orangethorpe Learning Center during the past year have graduated from the sixth grade and will enter junior high school this fall:

Ashley Arganda, Amanda Baughman, Rebecca Contreras, Diana Díaz, Christal Felix, José Gallardo, Griselda Gaspar, Luis Hernández, Diana Murcio, Hugo Paz, Luis Ramos, Alejandro Rivera, Sergio Rodríguez, Jesse Solares *, William Solares *, Danny Truong, Nadia Young, and Alex Zamora

We'll miss each one of you and wish you all the success in the world at your new schools. You're welcome to return to OLC whenever you can to help our children with their homework.

* -- William and Jesse attended OLC for seven years!

OLCers recognized by their schools!

If you've visited OLC recently, you've seen that many of our students have placed copies of various certificates they've received on the walls near the entrance. The Vice Principal of Orangethorpe School, Ann Rose, sent us a list of students who were honored there. It has so many names of OLCers on it that we printed it on a separate page which we're enclosing along with this newsletter. Congratulations to everybody who has achieved great things this year! Keep up the good work!

Volunteer news

We've been fortunate to have a group of Sunny Hills High School students working with our children as volunteer tutors this year. Several of these volunteers have been accepted for entrance into prestigious universities this fall, including Gwendolyn Ong, who will be going to Cal Tech. We know we'll be reading about Gwendolyn designing a new spacecraft in a few years. Another volunteer, Jeremy Dell, still has a year left at SHHS, and tells us he's looking forward to coming back to OLC in the fall.

Kristina Iancului, who was one of our first OLC students in February 1995, has been helping us several times a week as a volunteer ever since she she entered Nicolas Junior High two years ago. Recently, we asked our children how many of them had been helped by Kristina and nearly every child in the room raised a hand. Kristina has just graduated from Nicolas and will start attending Fullerton High School this fall in their honors program. She promises us that she'll still come in to tutor our children whenever she can.

OLC Closed for Summer

Orangethorpe Learning Center closed on June 7th. We plan to reopen on Monday, September 10th. Watch for information in your mail. During the summer, we urge our students to attend the City of Fullerton's Summer Playgrounds program at Gilbert and Brookhurst Parks each day between noon and 4:00 pm, starting June 18th.

Parents meeting

If you're dropping off your child at Gilbert Park for the summer program, you may wish to join us next to the park at Orangethorpe Christian Church, Thursday June 28 at noon. We'll have an informal meeting of parents or other family members to discuss your concerns for the community and to plan for the reopening of OLC in the fall. Bring a sack lunch, or pick up a taco across the street at Álvaro's. Norm promises to have some coffee ready. If enough parents are interested, we'll continue to meet during the rest of the summer.

Notes from Norm

To OLC Students:

Wow, summer is here. It is getting hot and on the first day that school was out it got even hotter, and smoky. I'm sure most of you saw the smoke from the fire in Gilbert Park. The new sawdust chips that were put under the playground equipment caught fire from (they think) a carelessly discarded cigarette. All you D.A.R.E. graduates; that's another reason not to smoke. Now, the neighborhood students have an opportunity to ask your city for help in replacing the playground equipment. If you liked the playground, I'd like to hear from you. Together, we have more "power" to get action than we do individually. It's your neighborhood, get involved.

I am very proud of your accomplishments at school. Many of you brought in certificates and also did well on your reports and projects. One thing that you need to improve upon is bringing your social studies and spelling books to OLC when you have an assignment in them.

If you want a book to read or help on summer school studies, Please call me at Orangethorpe Christian Church, 871-3400 mornings. If there is something that you discovered in school this year and want to find out more about it call me.

Don't forget to take part in some of the great summer activities available to you, and keep reading! Don't forget to have some fun too!

Norm Todd,


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