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Vol. 7 No. 1 ----- October 2001
A Homework Center

Another International Dinner!

October 6, the Fellowship Hall of the Methodist Church was the scene of another festive international dinner to raise funds for Orangethorpe Learning Center. The following are some of the people we'd like to thank for playing a key rôle in making the dinner a big success:

Friends of OLC

We're very grateful to the following recent donations of funds, supplies and computer parts by:

Distinguished Volunteers

Our homework center ministry wouldn't be possible without many hours of service on the part of our volunteer tutors. Some of them are parents, and others are members of our churches. This year, the three persons who have given more time and hard work than anybody in helping our students with their homework are three young women who are themselves students:

These three young people come to OLC two or three times a week and help, with great patience and love, any student who asks for it. Kristina started coming to OLC when she was in the second grade and has been with us nearly afternoon since then.

Our community is a much better place, thanks for people like these three young ladies.

Some Interesting Numbers

During the first four weeks of the 2001-2002 school year at OLC, the following statistics stand out:

92students enrolled,
75of them from Orangethorpe School,
50students present on opening day,
59greatest attendance, September 17 and 26,
33least attendance, September 27,
47average daily attendance,
9average number of volunteers,
5.2students per volunteer.

Students on Vacation

Last summer, several students traveled to interesting places to enjoy their summer vacations, including:

Playground Equipment Restored in Park

As we reported in our last issue of Fun Times, the playground equipment in Gilbert Park was completely destroyed in a fire caused by a cigarette somebody threw in the sawdust. The residents of our community, and the members of our churches, were really saddened when they saw ashes in place of the beautiful equipment.

Led by María Miramontes and Martha Hyde, we collected nearly 300 signatures on a petition requesting that the City of Fullerton replace the equipment. The petition was presented to the Mayor and City Council of our city during their July 3rd meeting. Our city leaders expressed their support for our families and promised to order and install the equipment as quickly as possible.

After a few weeks, city workers showed up in the park to begin reinstalling the equipment. On October 6th, the new equipment was ready once again for our children to play on. On October 10th, we had a party in the park, with several city officials and dozens of children and parents in attendance, to celebrate this event. We thank everybody who worked to make our park a happy place once again for all the families in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, there are some individuals in this area who don't want the park to be a pretty place. Before the installation was even finished, ugly graffiti appeared on the equipment, the fences, and even on a parked car. We ask everybody who lives around the park to report these incidents to the Police, and the Police to patrol our neighborhood more frequently and to pay attention to our neighbors' reports.

New Vice Principal at Orangethorpe School

Mrs. Ann Rose let us know during the summer that she had decided to retire from her post as Vice Principal of Orangethorpe School. We were saddened by this news. For several years, we enjoyed a very close and cooperative relationship with Ann, who always supported our mission, telling her teachers to send us their students for help and giving us samples of the textbooks used at her school. Ann tells us that we inspired her to become a volunteer tutor at her church's homework center in Tustin. We wish Ann much happiness and success in her new life.

The day before Orangethorpe School opened for the new school year, the new Vice Principal, Mrs. Paula Pitluk, arrived. Within a few days Paula accepted our invitation to visit our center. She came and conferred with Norm, Bee and Chuck and stayed to watch what we do. A number of OLCers greeted her enthusiastically as they came in to get homework help. Paula seems as enthusiastic as Ann was about our program and even came to our International Dinner to try our families' cooking.

Welcome to Fullerton, Paula!

Orangethorpe Learning Center Needs Your Help!

Orangethorpe Learning Center never charges the families of our community for helping their children. But we do have expenses. Some of these expenses are paid for by funds provided by our churches, or by foundations. But we must also carry out fundraising activities within our neighborhood. One such activity was our recent International Dinner which is described in this issue of Fun Times. We are now asking for your cooperation in two additional fundraisers:


Just as they did last year, our children's families will produce dozens of very tasty tamales, which will be delivered during December. Orders will be taken at our churches between now and the end of November. All tamales must be ordered in advance. If you bought them last year, you know how good our tamales are! People who would like to help produce tamales should sign up with Miss B.


These cards cost $10.00. One-half of the proceeds goes to OLC. They may be used for discounts at a variety of restaurants and other businesses in Fullerton, such as Carrow's, El Pollo Loco, Fullerton Car Wash, and Dairy Queen. Cards are also available for Anaheim and Buena Park. Watch for information in the Sunday bulletins at our churches, or buy cards from Miss B in the K/1 room at OLC. We encourage our parents and friends to buy and use these cards.

Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of our families and friends.

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