Fun Times - December 2001
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Vol. 7 No. 2 ----- December 2001
A Homework Center

The Honor Roll

Who are these people, and why are their names on our Honor Roll? They are the mothers, grandmothers and other friends of our students who worked long hours so that our tamale sale would be a big success.

Thanks to these friends of OLC, we cleared more than $1,500 to support our learning center. We especially wish to thank Estela Romero and Margareta Iancului, who worked every day, from morning to evening, that our "tamale factory" was open. The four grandmas in the group also distinguished themselves, working as hard and as enthusiastically as the "younger" women.

Thank you, cooks! Thank you, all you friends of OLC who purchased the tasty products of our factory! We hope that, during our next fundraiser, there will be a lot more of our students' family members working with us so that so few people won't have to do so much work.

OLC Closes for Christmas Vacacion

Orangethorpe Learning Center is closed now for Christmas vaction. We'll reopen on January 7, 2002. On December 20, we had our annual Christmas party. Quite a few parents and other friends of OLC joined us to celebrate, including the principal of Orangethorpe School, Dr. Patrick Backus, the vice-principal, Paula Pitluk, and Pastors Karl, Patricia and Teresa, from our churches. We'd like to thank our children's families for preparing tasty snacks and refreshments for the party. We enjoyed the dances and rhythms of the Peruvian folklórico group Latin Show, directed by Nelly Castillo.

Friends of OLC

We're very grateful for recent donations of funds, supplies and computer computer components by:

A Message from our Organizer

Seasons Greetings! My name is Debbie and I am a community organizer for OCCCO, an organization that helps churches to create change in their communities. Many of you at the learning center already have met me as I have been helping at the learning center, participating in events and even helping to make tamales for the sales. During this time I have been able to develop relationships with many of the parents and several have expressed to me concerns about their children's ability to read and their own ability to help them learn at home. However, before we can do anything, we need to know that we have the support and interest of the community.

Pastora Teresa, Chuck, I, and a few of the learning center moms would like to begin a listening campaign for the months of January and February. We will be contacting every parent whose children go to the learning center because we would like to hear any concerns that you may have about the education of your children. Please expect to hear from us in the month of January. God bless and we look forward to hearing your opinion and ideas!

Debbie Phares


It's extremely important to our students' success at school that they be able to read, and also to understand what they read. In the short time that they're at OLC each week, we can only give so much help to these children. We suggest to all parents that they take the time to read with, and read to, their children. It doesn't matter in what language you read to them. What does matter is that you do read. If you stress reading at home, your children will read better at school, get better grades, and be better prepared for adult life.

Health Promoter

Our neighborhood now has a health prmoter - Susana Torres. Susana works for "Latino Health Access". She will advise our families on everything that has to do with health, helping them enroll in health plans such as CalOptima or Healthy Families, and helping organizeclasss in subjects such as nutrition, preventing contagious diseases, and exercise. Susana will start working in our community on January 1, 2002. You may contact her at 714.542.7792.

Volunteers from Buena Park High School

Recently, we've been pleased to see a number of young people who live in our neighborhood coming to OLC to help their little neighbors each afternoon. They're students from the school around the corner from our center -- Buena Park High School. This group includes the following students -- Layla Dang, Ricardo García, Thanh Kim, Isaí Morales, Anh Tong and Quyen Tran. Our kids tell us they're really pleased with the help they're getting from these "big brothers" and "big sisters".

Another Homework Center

Six years after OLC opened, the federal government recognized the importance of helping kids with their homework after school by granting funds to the Fullerton school district to open homework centers at several schools. One of these programs is located in the Activity Center next to Orangethorpe School. The Departament of Community Services of the city of Fullerton is in charge of operating this center where 80 to 100 children come every day.

Recently, our friend Aaron Orozco, Youth Services Coordinator for Fullerton, invited us to visit the center. It's a very good program which, thanks to federal funding, is able to employ about eight people to help children from Mondays through Fridays between 2:30 and 6:00. While we were there, we saw a lot of our little friends who used to go to OLC in the past.

In spite of having "lost" some of our students to this program, OLC still sees an average of about 35 children a day. OLC is a "low budget operation", but we make a very big difference in the lives of the children of our community, thanks to the love shown them by our two employees and the many volunteer tutors and parents who support us. We'll be here as long as a need exists for our service.


In our October issue, we said that our young volunteers Christine and Marina were students at Nicolas Junior High School. Actually, they attend Brookhurst. We hope they'll forgive us.

Richard Iancului visited Yosemite National Park, not Yellowstone, with his family during the summer. Sorry, Richard!

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