Fun Times - March 2002
Orangethorpe Learning Center

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Vol. 7 No. 3 ----- March 2002
A Homework Center

OLC Celebrates 7th Anniversary!

Seven years ago, on St. Valentine's Day 1995, Orangethorpe Learning Center opened its doors to the children of the neighborhood who needed help with their homework. On St. Valentine's Day 2002, we celebrated our seventh anniversary with a big party! We're grateful to our students' families for bringing much tasty food and for their hard work setting up and cleaning up.

Master instrument maker and musician Martín Espino presented an interactive pre-Hispanic music program. For more than an hour, Martín played, and taught the children to play, his instruments. It was an exciting, educational and beautiful experience which our children really enjoyed. We thank Martín for sharing his music with us. This photograph shows Martín playing one of his unique instruments, a hunter's bow:

Good Advice

The following words are from the California Association of Children and Families:

A major part of the development of your brain occurs during the first three years. Read, talk, and play with her (or him) today.

From the moment they're born, babies are learning. Studies have demonstrated that if you read, talk, or simply play with them when they are babies, they will be happier, will have more confidence in themselves, and will be better prepared for school and for life.

So look for ways to include your children in your daily routine, even when you're busy. Convert your next trip to the supermarket into a lesson in numbers, or your day for washing clothes into an opportunity to learn colors. And remember, you're never too busy to make a difference in the life of your children.

We're completely in agreement with those thoughts. OLC and the school can't educate the children of our community without the help and cooperation of their parents, or other adults who care for these children.

New OLC Board Members

The number of members on the Orangethorpe Learning Center who represent the community has been increased from two to four. We welcome the following parents and leaders to our board:

The fourth community representative is Margareta Iancului, who has been involved in the learning center since it opened and who has been a board member for five years.

We thank former board member María Bertilia Solares for the many years of hard work and support she has given our program. Bertilia was one of the very first parents to bring her children to us. We hope we'll continue to see Bertilia at OLC with her daughters Bianca and Ashley.

All of the community representatives on the OLC board are mothers of students who attend our homework center. They are usually present at OLC several days each week helping us and have also worked hard in our fundraisers and in other community projects. We urge our children's parents to communicate any concerns they might have about OLC to these representatives and also to accept their invitation to work with them whenever they ask for your cooperation.

OLC photos

Here are a few pictures which were taken at Orangethorpe Learning Center recntly...

Margareta, Estela and several other OLC moms, at work making tamales during our recent fundraiser. We sold more than 150 dozen tamales!

Jesse is showing BPHS volunteer Quyen how to use one of our computers. Jesse has learned a lot about computers while attending OLC.

Volunteer Marian helping Jacquelin with her homework

Our K/1 tutor Miss Bee

Two of Miss Bee's favorite students, Jesús and Gregory, showing off the pretzels they made in our kitchen

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