Fun Times - December 2002
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Vol. 8 No. 2 -- December 2002
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Passing of an OLC Leader

The Orangethorpe Learning Center gives thanks for the life of Quentin Edwards, who passed away November 22. Quent served as a volunteer and member of the OLC board of directors during the past three years. He always inspired us with his great patience and desire to help our neighborhood's kids. He truly loved each student whom he helped and often told us, "thanks for giving me the opportunity of working with these children." We miss you, Quent!

Successful Tamale Sale

During the month of November, we raised $1,200 to support OLC through a tamale sale. We're very grateful to the mothers and other friends of our students who worked long hours in our kitchen cooking tamales. Margareta, María Victoria, María Bertilia, Julia, Paz, Joyce, and the other people who worked on this project are a wonderful example for all our children's families.

We'd also like to thank the members of our sponsoring churches who bought more than 100 dozen tamales.and Pedro González, the owner of González Market, on Gilbert, who helped provide us ingredients at good prices.

Our Actors and Singers

December 8, during the Sunday service of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church , we enjoyed seeing that the following OLCers played prominent roles in the Christmas program presented by the children of this sponsoring church:

Besides these children, several OLCers from past years, such as Gregory, Justin, Manny and Paul, also acted in the program.

Friends of OLC

We're very grateful for the help the following people have given us recently by donating funds and computers:

Something New in January

We are planning to offer art classes to our students starting January 9. The teacher of these classes will be Andrea Rose. Who is Andrea? Ask Miss Bee, or Israel or Solomon.

Bon voyage, Bianca and Ashley!

We wish a very pleasant journey to our students, Bianca and Ashley Solares, who fly South this week, with their brothers Willie and Jesse, their father Mardo and their mother and our leader Bertilia, to visit their family in Guatemala. Girls, please be sure to take lots of photos of the places and people you visit to show your friends here.

Get Well Soon!

Our leader, Estela Romero, recently underwent back surgery and couldn't be in our kitchen helping her friends prepare tamales. We hope that Estela is recovering and that we'll soon see her again at OLC.

Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of our families and friends.

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