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February 2004 - Vol. 9 No. 2

OLC Celebrates 9th Birthday

February 14 is the ninth anniversary of the founding of Orangethorpe Learning Center. We will celebrare this event with a party Thursday, February 12, which will include an appearance by Martín Espino, along with his collection of pre-Hispanic instruments. Our students are planning to put on a show of their own. Several kids have already told us that they plan to sing or dance for us.

If you're a friend of OLC, you're most cordially invited to join us on the 12th.

Notes from Norm

A reminder to all parents -- O.L.C. is not a babysitting service or playground. We are here to help your children do homework and to excel at school. All of our students need to improve in reading and math.

If a student doesn't bring homework, he or she should look in our library for books to read, or ask for math worksheets. Our staff and volunteers are too busy helping those students who do bring homework to spend time entertaining students who say they're "bored" and "don't have anything to do".

I'm very glad, though, to see that some children are taking interest in learning new things, for example Abigaíl is very interested in Egypt, Judith in Science, and Max in Algebra.

Please pick your children up promptly when O.L.C. closes at 4:30 pm each day. Students should not use our telephone to call parents and ask to be picked up unless there's an emergency which requires that they be picked up early.

Our students write!

We invited our students to contribute their own articles and poems to this issue of Fun Times. Only a few took us up on our invitation. We hope that more children will give us their masterworks to include in future issues. We'll start with a song which two of our 5th graders wrote:

Thinking About You

I think about you night and day
Just to find the right words to say
Even though you bring me down
I'm the one who gets off the ground

You know that I'm the one for you
I don't care if you think I'm ninkapoo
You gotta understand I'm not like the rest
I don't care if you're the best
-- Mary Jane Mata & Erika Dalessandro.

My Mom's Important to Me

There are three reasons that my mom is important to me. The first reason is because she takes care of me. For example, when I was sick, she always took me to see a doctor and soon I felt better. When I was hungry, she always cooked very delicious food such as fried chicken and rice. The second reason why she is important to me is because she teaches me a lot of things. For example, she taught me about spelling, math and science. Also, when I was younger, she taught me how to ride my bicycle. Besides taking care of me and teaching me things, the last reason that my mom is important to me is because she gave me birth. Therefore, I can make her proud. For example, I can study hard and get a good grade and a good job. In short, I appreciate my mom for everything she gave me. -- Steve Olivares.

Dear Diary

Day 1. Today I worked hard and had only a little bit of fun. I planted seeds, watered them, and cut other crops down. That took me 5 hours to finish. Then I took a break and ate chicken and drank water. After that I washed some of my clothes. I fed the animals and helped my Ma to make food. I did my bedroom and went out to play. My friends and I rode on horses. We actually raced, but my friend won. Then I had dinner and went to sleep.

Day 2. I woke up at 6:00 am in the morning. First, I got some milk and went to the store to clean it. When I came back, I got bread and ate it. Next I did my bed and got ready. First thing I watered the crops. Next I went to sell gallons of milk. Then I fed the animals and took a break. Soon I finished my chores and went to ride a horse. Finally, I went to sleep. -- Abigaíl Cruz.

Some advice from Danielle

The learning center has been around a while, and Feb. 14th will be the 9 years anniversary. In my opinon, OLC is a great place to do your homework, and other students feel the same way. So, if you feel the same way, then join me. Also, welcome everyone else for our Anniversary party on Feb. 12th! -- Danielle Dalessandro

Other Neighborhood Programs

If you live in zip code 92833, you need to know about these free programs:

Visit our web site:

Tamale Sale

Our annual fundraising event raised more than $1,000 to support O.L.C. A few moms -- especially Margareta, Julia, Carmen, and Gilda -- worked long hours to produce more than 100 dozen tamales. Our employee, Miss Bee, even donated her time to help out in the kitchen. We thank each of you for your hard work and we thank the many friends of O.L.C. who purchased tamales.


We had several students from Kathi Johnson's and Adela López' classes at Fullerton College helping our children during the Fall. We hope to see more FC volunteers this semester. We've also enjoyed having Fernando Cruz, from Buena Park High, with us. Fernando's little sister, Abigaíl, is a 6th grader at O.L.C. Thank you, Abbie, for inviting Fernando.

Friends of OLC

We are very grateful to the following generous friends who have recently donated funds, supplies or computer equipment to OLC:

Lauren says good bye

Our 5th and 6th grade tutor, Lauren Bonecutter, informed us with many regrets that she couldn't continue working with us, due to conflicts with her class schedule at Fullerton College. Lauren is grateful for her experience at O.L.C. and for her many new friends and promises to come visit whenever she can. We'll miss you, Lauren! Our other 5th/6th grade tutor, Patricia Lee, is now working all four days each week.

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