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June 2004 - Vol. 9 No. 3

OLC Closes for Summer,
Will Reopen September 13

June 3, Orangethorpe Learning Center celebrated the end of another school year with a party featuring Mr. Science, Rudy Gonzales, and his Radical Science Show.

During the party, we recognized many students and volunteers who have contributed to making OLC a great place to be. We were especially proud when Pastora Teresa Santillana presented a trophy to 2nd grader Dalia González, whose painting of Jonah and the whale won first prize in an art contest sponsored by the United Methodist Church. Dalia has studied with our own art teacher, Andrea Rose, over the past year at OLC. We believe it's very important to offer children programs such as art classes and Rudy's Radical Science in these times when public schools are cutting their programs.

We will reopen for the 2004-2005 school year Monday, September 13. Parents and volunteer tutors, we'll be in touch with you during the summer to discuss our needs for the new school year.

Farewell, Sixth Graders!

The following are 6th grade students who have been attending OLC regularly this year. We wish you well in Junior High. We'll miss all of you.

¡Kermesse September 18!

The Latino Ministry of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church is planning a huge kermesse (community fair) for Saturday, September 18, in the OUMC parking lot in front of the Learning Center. One of its purposes will be to publicize and raise funds for our escuelita. If you'd like to participate, or learn more details, please contact Pastora's office at 714.773.4950.

OLC -- More Than Just Homework

We don't need to remind our students and their parents that Orangethorpe Learning Center is much more than just a great place to do homework. We work closely with our children's schools and have a good relationship with their principals, teachers and counsellors. If parents ask for help translating at meetings with school personnel, we're glad to help out. If teachers send students to us for extra help, we're glad to cooperate.

OLC gives its students snacks when they arrive each afternoon because we know how hard it is to concentrate on homework if you're hungry. Even if you don't have homework, you're always welcome at OLC. We have a lot of good books for you to read as well as math worksheets and programs to help you improve your computer skills. We offer extra educational opportunities such as art classes, and hope to make available more such programs in the future.

Parents, you're always welcome at OLC. ¡Están en su casa! Come observe or come help us with OLC's daily operations. Even if you don't speak English, there are many ways you can help; just ask us how.

OLC will be here for your children as long as they need it and as long as you support our efforts.


Here are two volunteer tutors who joined us this year and spent a lot of their time helping our children:

Our students have all enjoyed being helped by Fernando and Wen and hope they'll return in the Fall.

Our students write!

When our students discovered that we really did publish their classmates' articles in the last issue of Fun Times, several more of them gave us their own literary efforts. The two stories you see here are the result of the students' teachers encouraging them to use their creativity and imaginations. Our first story is by Abigaíl "Abby" Cruz, an Honor Roll student who is graduating from the sixth grade and who is moving away to Colorado this summer.

A Really True Friend

It was the second day of school in 2nd grade. I was nervous because I didn't have any friends. When I headed to the playground, I had to play alone. Then someone called out my name, "Abby!" I jumped up in surprise. It was one of my classmates. I thought she was going to tease me. When she called out again, I yelled, "Danielle, why are you sitting like that?" She came up to me and asked, "Do you want to come and play?" I was so excited I was speechless. Next thing I knew I was playing tag in the open field. She was my first friend that day.

Danielle has light brown eyes and light brown skin. She helped me get more friends and learn new games. Her perky smile encouraged me to do my best. When people said bad things about me, she would stand up for me. We took turns choosing games. One day I played tetherball and I loved it. When I told her what I played, she was surprised. I tried convincing her to play but she was terrified of the ball. Then I talked to her about how she taught me to be tough.

That is when she decided to play with me. That helped me by helping others in their problems. It made me realize that it is better to be friendly than a bully. From then on, I learned to take care of myself and others. Others might learn that too.

The following story is by a fourth grader, Maximiliano "Max" Armenta. Max works very hard to get good grades and never becomes discouraged with himself, no matter how tough the homework assignment.

A Memorable Place:
The Redwood Forest

I looked up to the sky, and saw the tall old hazel brown forgotten trees. The kiwi green leaves were hanging on the trees. You wouldn't see the trees because the orange sun will burn your eyes.

The trunk of the tree was as big as a baby elephant, and the color of it was amber brown. The canopy was more interesting to me because there were birds gliding down and up. There are woodpeckers snapping their beaks into the trees. There was a sweet smell of flowers through my nose. The trees were like guards guarding the forest.

There was a banana slug slithering through the trees. The sunlight was shining through the trees like shadows. The fog was ashen gray and wet.

There was a cinnamon brown earthy dusty trail and a place were you could pull over and go into the forest. There was a delft blue creek with frogs croaking like an engine. There were celery green plants and a trunk where you could sit and rest.

Friends of OLC

We're very grateful to the following generous friends who have recently donated funds, supplies or computer equipment to OLC:

Thank you, Fullerton College!

Some of our good friends at Fullerton College who have sent volunteers to OLC are:

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