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November 2004 - Vol. 10 No. 1

Some Lines from Lucy

When we suggested that our new Director, Lucy Ruiz, write a few lines to our families, here's what she said...

To all the Parents and children who participate actively in the Learning Center, a warm Welcome! I hope that this year will be as successful as past years. I enjoy so much being able to work with the children who come to do their homework every day. It is you, the children, who make the Learning Center an enjoyable place to achieve your goal -- success at school.

I thank all the volunteers who work so hard, patienly and affectionately helping our children day after day.

I also thank you for your attendance at the September parents meeting. I'm sure that together we'll be able to build a better future for our children.

We're all very happy that Norm is back with us. Thanks, Norm, for all the years that you've dedicated your time to helping us.

OLC needs the help of each one of you to raise funds. The Carl's Junior coupons have been distributed and we also hope you will help us produce tamales.


Lucy Ruiz

September 1st, Paula Todd, who was not only a founder of OLC but also of the Hot Meal Ministry, passed away in Baltimore. We'll all miss Paula, who lived the last years of her life to make our community a better place for all. Her husband, Norm Todd, returned to the OLC in October and wrote to all our children and their families:

Thank you to Orangethorpe Learning Center for the cards of sympathy and Thank You to all the students who welcomed me back with warm greetings and kind words. A special Thank You to Lucy and Chuck for opening the learning center for another year.

I will be retiring from Orangethorpe Christian Church across the street on Dec. 14th to be able to spend more time teaching and helping with homework.

Norm Todd

Last year, a volunteer came to OLC from Fullerton College who, after finishing her required service hours, accepted our job offer. She was known then as Patricia Lee. She just became a U. S. citizen and tells us she is known by another last name now. Patricia writes us:

It is really enjoyable to be a tutor of kindergarten and first grade students at the Orangethorpe Learning Center because kids are creative, innocent, and adorable. We sing songs, we make crafts, we read books, and we do homework together like at other schools, but the most special things that we have are that we share our love, care, and respect for each other as a big family. I feel lucky to be with them.

Patricia Liu

Kermesse a success!

We're grateful for the participation and cooperation of our families and many neighbors in our first Gran Kermesse which was celebrated September 18.

Thank you, Fullerton College!

Last summer, several Fullerton College faculty members invited us to visit their classes and meetings to recruit volunteers for OLC. We're very grateful to Karen Rose and her colleagues for these opportunities. Two OLCers, Erika and Jessica, went with us to explain the importance of our program to the students and professors of FC. As a result, every day several volunteers come to OLC who help our students with a lot of enthusiasm and affection. The following are just a few of the members of this FC volunteer corps:

Jean Chitue, David Hernández, Min Sun Lee, You Sun Lee, Huong Nguyen, Rifka Zaky, and Theresa Wang.

We also thank two other FC students, Georgi Petkov and Ralitza Petkova, for the help they gave our children during Norm's absence.

OLC -- Much more than homework

When we arrived at OLC recently, we were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by one of the little guys in Kindergarten, Estevan. He wanted to show us his first masterpiece which he had just painted in the art class taught by Andrea Rose. Other students of various ages showed us more beautiful art work they had produced in this class which meets every Monday.

Whenever we visit the class which Andrea teaches, we're impressed that even the most active and restless children are staying focused and paying attention. We are proud for being able to offer this opportunity to our students.

Friends of OLC

We're very grateful to the following generous friends who have recently donated funds, supplies or computer equipment to OLC:

Patricia and children
This photo of Patricia and her K/1 class was taken during the first week of the 2004-2005 School Year

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