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February 2006 - Vol. 11 No. 2

OLC's Beginnings

Concluding our celebration of the 10th anniversary of OLC's founding, we include in this issue a letter from another parent of our first students. María Bertilia Solares brought her two sons to us in February 1995 and for many years was a very dedicated and hard-working leader.

Colton, CA
January 2006

Today I've taken a little time to write my friends at OLC.

As Jesse, William, Bianca and Ashley's mom, I'm very happy to have been able to help out in the past with my children at OLC, when they opened the homework center February 14, 1995, to help children with their homework.

A lot of children came and some of us, their parents, stuck around. I was one of them and I helped for 8 years, until we moved here from Fullerton.

You helped my children a lot. They were very happy to be there and I hope you'll keep on helping the children who attend this program which gives so much help.

I hear Margareta and Kristina Iancului still come in to help the program. It's wonderful that you still have it open.

Keep up the good work!

Greetings from all of us
Happy new year!

M. Bertilia

and her sons Jesse and William Solares

To the right is a very brief part of a letter written by another mom who brings her children to OLC and who often stays to help all the students at our escuelita.

Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of the families and friends of Orangethorpe Learning Center.

Bertilia, making tamales to raise funds

A letter from another parent

Fullerton, CA
January 2006

Dear O.L.C. sponsors and [Latino] Ministry, I would like first to express our gratitude, and recognize the great support you've given over 11 years.

It's worthwhile to recognize your hard work, your love and good will in sharing with us and with others what you've been given.

Your service is invaluable and incalculable and it's through third persons like you that our God provides guidance, help and love to others who most need them. This very service and love will always be returned and multiplied many times...

One should remember how during the past year many of our children from the escuelita achieved recognition and these are only the seeds which in time will bear a great tree and even greater fruit.

I've seen these fruits since I'm a mother of 5 children, 4 of them of school age. I'm also a volunteer. It's very obvious that we need this support for our Latino community...

Flora González

The OLC Board

OLC is a cooperative ministry of the residents and of two churches of Southwest Fullerton:

Since 1995, this escuelita has offered homework help to the students of our neighborhood. OLC is administered by a Board which is made up of the following persons:

We, the members of the OLC Board, pledge to continue serving our community, promoting the health and wellbeing of our escuelita so that it will keep on being a place where the families of our neighborhood can bring their children in trust and confidence.

New Employees

Recently, our escuelita had the pleasure of interviewing and offering employment to:

These tutors aren't just any employees. Both are graduates of OLC, and live right around the corner in our neighborhood. Kristina arrived at our escuelita during the week in which we opened our doors, while she was in the second grade at Valencia Park School. She attended almost every day through the 6th grade, then kept coming back to help our students while attending Nicolas Junior High and Fullerton High School. Now, Kristina is a student at Fullerton College where she's preparing to be a high school math teacher.

Gaby started attending while she was a third grader at Orangethorpe School. You can read her poem Peace is what we need in the December 1998 issue of this newspaper. After graduating from OLC, Gaby attended Nicolas and Buena Park High School. Gaby is currently a student at California State University Fullerton, majoring in Business Administration.

Along with our other tutor Patricia Liu, Kristina and Gaby bring a lot of experience, love and enthusiasm to the daily life of Orangethorpe Learning Center.

If you have internet access, be sure to visit our web site,, to see pictures of 11 years of OLC history.

Who is Patricia Liu?

During 2003, Fullerton College sent us a student who wished to fulfill her "community service" requirements. After serving the necessary time as a volunteer tutor, this student didn't stop coming in to help our children. We decided to offer her a job and for more than two years, Patricia Liu has worked as a Kindergarten and First Grade tutor.

Patricia received her teaching credential from the Taipei Municipal Teachers College, and served as a kindergarten and primary teacher in Taiwan. Since immigrating to the United States, Patricia has taught Chinese at the Tzu Chi School in Irvine and at the North Orange County Chinese School. She is also a teacher at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Placentia.

Ever since coming to our escuelita, Patricia has always shown great affection and patience for all our children. Her presence during this difficult year continues to be a blessing to all who participate in our escuelita.


Get Well Soon!

Our friend, sister and volunteer tutor Marilyn Warren went to St. Jude Hospital recently to undergo surgery. All the children and volunteers at OLC miss you, Marilyn, and hope that you'll soon recover and be back among us at our escuelita.

OLC Celebrates 11th Anniversary

The 16th of February, with a great fiesta, OLC celebrated having completed 11 years of service to our neighborhood. The OLC drama team, directed by our graduate Judith Barragán, presented its interpretation of Cinderella. Thank you, actors, for the long hours of rehearsal which you put into this production. We're also grateful for the cooperation of several parents and other friends who provided food and refreshments.

NOTE -- This issue of Fun Times was labelled "March 2006" for distribution with the OUMC newsletter, The Net.

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