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June 2006 - Vol. 11 No. 3

End of another school year

Orangethorpe Learning Center celebrated the end of the 2005-2006 school year with a party on June 8. We thank our employees, volunteers, parents and other friends for making this another successful year. We also thank our students for their unusually good behavior over the past year which has helped greatly to keep OLC running smoothly.

We hope our students and their families enjoy their summer vacations. OLC will reopen for the 2006-2007 school year on Monday, September 11.

Summer plans

What are you doing this summer? Here's a letter from our 4th/5th/6th grade tutor...

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I am currently taking a summer course to finish my transfer into California State University, Fullerton. I will be a junior at the university with two years to go. This summer I have several activities such as working at deaf camps in Southern and Northern California. I will also volunteer in a deaf baseball camp located at a park in the city of Anaheim. It should be a joyous summer. Although the summer will go by quickly, Patricia, Gaby and I will try to make plans so next year's OLC will be a much improved center.

Since we've always agreed we are doing a great deal for our community, it's still a good deed to find more improvements for ourselves and our children. I hope to see some new children in the Fall who will get right down to their school work and still have a little fun on the side. I am hoping to see some parents too come and help out, and thank you parents for helping out with the end-of-the-year party that we recently had. It was a big success! I've had a great time this year and am looking forward to what the future brings! Have a fun Summer and hope to see you back in the Fall!

Kristina Iancului

Our K/1 tutor Patricia Liu tells us she'll leave soon for Taiwan, where she will visit her family and take a teachers course offered by the Taiwan government. 2nd/3rd tutor Gabriela Villa is working all summer at Toys R Us in Fullerton and will return to Cal State Fullerton in the Fall.

4th grader Gregory Li says he's going to Perú for the summer. Did you know it'll be winter down there, Greg? Several students are going to México. Some are going to summer school. Some say they're going to the beach every day. If you go anywhere interesting, send us a post card or bring us some photos of your vacation when you come back to OLC in the Fall.

Volunteer Martha Hyde helping Jim with homework

Friends of OLC

We're grateful to the following for their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center:

Notes from Patricia and Gaby

One day I asked Dalia González what she learned, and she said "I know everyone is unique, so we need to respect everyone; no one is perfect, so we need to give each other a chance to start over again when they make a mistake." Juan Carlos Moreno said "I know everyone needs to try hard to be a good kid and not to say any bad words." Estevan González gave a great compliment to Jim Lucatero and said "Jim has improved a lot because he works so hard to learn English and finish his homework on time every week."

In my opinion, honor students are those who not only do great on their studies, but also who have good manners, who are responsible, who are understanding, and who are willing to help people. I am glad to see some of the kids work hard to get high honors by improving their manners, cleaning up OLC, and doing their homework. Also, some of them have learned to forgive people and to encourage each other. They are successful this year!

Patricia Liu

Hello kids and parents,

Only three months ago, I did not know most of the children attending the OLC. Little by little, I got to know most of the kids, and got attached to many of them quickly. Thank you, kids, for making these last three months a great experience. On my part, I will be working all summer at Toys R Us, so come visit me anytime! I will also be visiting my godparents in Michoacan, Mexico in August.

In the Fall, I will return to Cal State Fullerton, with Kristina. We have several plans for the OLC for the next school year, so be sure to attend! I look forward to seeing all of you again in the Fall. Have a fun and safe summer!

With much love,

Gaby Villa

This year, Patricia started awarding "happy faces" to children who distinguish themselves in one way or another, whether by being especially helpful, doing their homework well, or by making OLC a more pleasant place to be. The following children received awards:

Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of the families and friends of Orangethorpe Learning Center.

Learning Corners

OLC has several "learning corners", or activity centers, at which children who have finished their day's homework assignments can explore new areas of learning or express their creativity. The Corners include computers, reading, crafts, languages and, when available, art or chess class. Several of our Fullerton College volunteers come from Japan and have enjoyed teaching their own language to our children.

Evelín learning Japanese

The following awards for the different Learning Corners were made this year:

Adios, Andrea

For the past four years, OLC's students have enjoyed weekly art classes. They've learned to express themselves in various media such as watercolor, oils and clay sculpture. Our art teacher writes us:

I've accepted a position as second grade teacher, starting this Fall, at Roseville Community School, near Sacramento. Other news -- I am engaged to be married. The wedding will be in Spring, 2007. I will miss all of you at OLC. I have met some great and kind friends at OLC, yet I will especially miss the kids. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers.

Andrea Rose

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