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2351 W. Orangethorpe Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833
February 2007 - Vol. 12 No. 1

Martha Hyde

Martha & Evan
Martha and her grandson Evan

When Orangethorpe Learning Center opened its doors in 1995, one of the leaders whose vision made OLC possible was Martha Hyde.

Along with other members of our Local Organizing Committee, Martha interviewed school officials and people in our neighborhood and determined there was a great need for a place where children could go after school and receive help with their homework. From 1997 on, Martha served on the OLC board of directors.

It is with great sadness that the OLC Board accepts Martha's resignation. Martha will continue to serve as a Director Emerita and will come to OLC as often as possible to help our students with their homework.

We, at Orangethorpe Learning Center, thank you, Martha for all you've done over the years. You will always be a part of our family!

A letter to Martha

Two of our employees remember how much Martha helped them when they were little children attending OLC. She contributed to their becoming confident and successful young women. Here is a letter one of them wrote to Martha, which she permitted us to include in the Fun Times...

Dear Martha,

I would like to thank you for all you have contributed to the learning center. Thanks in great part to you, the Learning Center has kept going for these twelve years. Unbelievable as it may seem, about twelve years ago, I was a student attending the OLC, and you were one of the hard working and dedicated tutors who volunteered their time to help me and other children with our homework. Please know that for that reason, I will always remember you.

Possibly unknowingly, you made a big impact on my success in school. I am sure there are many other children on whose lives you were a great influence. Your leaving us does break our hearts, but we know it is time for you to just relax at home. But always keep in mind that we will miss you, and that we hope to see you often at the Learning Center. Thank you once again, and best wishes!


We miss you, Margareta!

One of our long time leaders and board members, Margareta Iancului, has been in Arad, Romania, for several months, caring for her mother. We miss Margareta's hard work and cheerful attitude around OLC and hope she'll be able to return soon.

Friends of OLC

We're grateful to the following for their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center:

We would also like to thank the principal and teachers at Orangethorpe School for the confidence they've shown in OLC by referring students to us for help.

Parenting classes

We have arranged with the Anaheim Fullerton Family Resource Center to offer a 6-week bilingual class called Common Sense Parenting, starting February 20. It will take place every Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the Church Lounge, across the patio from OLC. Watch for fliers with more information!

OLC has new legal status

Orangethorpe Learning Center is now a "California non-profit public benefit corporation", with federal tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. There will be no change in the services which we render to the families of our neighborhood, however. As before, OLC is located at Orangethorpe United Methodist Church and is supported by members and friends of that church and of Orangethorpe Christian Church.

One of our new OLC board members is Karen Rose, of Fullerton College, whom you see in the picture below helping serve refreshments at our recent Christmas party. She also brought paper cups and plates, napkins and utensils for the party. Thank you, Karen!

Karen Rose

OLC Celebrates 12th Anniversary

The 15th of February, Orangethorpe Learning Center celebrates 12 years of service to its community. The party will start at about 3:00 pm. We invite all our friends who have been a part of our history to join us that day.

That was then...

Kristina 1996
Kristina Iancului, one of our students more than 10 years ago, doing her homework

and this is now...

Kristina 2006
Kristina, one of our teachers, helping kids do their homework

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