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January 2008 - Vol. 13 No. 1

Three of our students with elder Montanares

New Volunteers

This year we've been blessed by the presence of several Mormon missionaries who have been serving as volunteer tutors at our escuelita. Several fine young adults, including Elders Montanares, Fuchs, Wilde, Janusz and Hall, and and Sisters Crane, Nyman and Dutson, have been coming to OLC each week to help our children with their homework.

Recently we've been pleased to see several former OLC students return to serve as volunteers, such as Buena Park High School students Cynthia Calderón and Fabricio Oropeza.

If you would like to help OLC as a volunteer tutor, or in any other way, please contact Chuck or Patricia or any other leader.

New Teacher

Last summer, our 2nd/3rd/4th grade tutor Gabriela Villa informed us, regretfully, that she was resigning her position at OLC to accept employment at a local bank. We all miss Gaby very much, but were pleased to be able to find a replacement who also used to attend OLC as a student.

In October, we hired Angel Villa (yes, Gaby's brother!), who is now a student at Buena Park High School, where he is an advanced placement student. Besides helping our students with their homework, Angel teaches a regular art class which is attended by a very enthusiastic group of OLCers.

Thank you, OLC families!

Thank you, everybody who brought food and refreshments and helped make our Christmas party a big success!

We appreciate the support our families give us each year and invite them to continue helping us "provide the children of our community a safe and nurturing Christian environment for them to complete homework assignments."

We're especially grateful to many different people who ensure that our students arrive at OLC and return home safely each day. Local streets such as Orangethorpe and Gilbert are often dangerous places for little ones to be walking.

Every afternoon, we see Virginia Gaeta walking to OLC with a group of four or five children, then escorting them to their homes after we close. We see Rawzan, Luis and Edgar's moms taking turns driving them to and from OLC each day, and Alisha's grandma and other family members bringing her all the way from Pacific Drive School, then returning to pick her up at 4:30.

We remind parents and friends to drive carefully in our driveway and parking lot to make sure your children and your neighbors' children all come and go safely.


OLC opened for the new school year September 10th with 15 students in attendance. Little by little, attendance has been increasing until now an average of more than 25 students comes each day. Out of the 49 students now enrolled in OLC, 39 go to Orangethorpe School and the remainder attend five different schools in the Fullerton and Centralia school districts.

Friends of OLC

For their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center, we're very grateful to:

All of us who are involved in Orangethorpe Learning Center wish to thank Pastor Sergio Camacho and the Latino Ministry of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church for organizing a wonderful dinner the evening of September 17th at which past and present OLC leaders, students and volunteers were recognized. One of the honorées writes: "The plaque will be my treasured memento of working with volunteers and children of past years. The Sticker Lady, Marilyn Warren."

Sharyl, Angel and the kids

As Christmas approached, our friend Sharyl Lewis thought of a really cool Yule project for our students -- decorate the Christmas tree in the Fellowship Hall, using ornaments with their pictures on them. Our art teacher Angel and the kids were very enthusiastic about making the ornaments and hanging them on the tree.

Coming Soon -- OLC on DVD!

Patricia Liu is preparing a DVD with photos and videos of our OLC Christmas party and other activities which will be made available to our families and friends at a nominal cost.

Patricia and her kids

Neighborhood Ministries

OLC celebrates its 13th anniversary Thursday February 14, 2008. Come to our party!

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