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June 2009 - Vol. 14 No. 2

A letter to our students' parents

Dear parents:

It has been our pleasure to serve the families of our neighborhood for more than 14 years. Every day, Monday through Thursday, throughout the school year, your children have been able to come to our escuelita to receive help with their homework in a safe, friendly, Christian environment. It is our desire that each of our students might excel in his or her studies and academic career.

This year has been a time of profound economic crisis. Many people have lost their jobs or their homes. Businesses and governments are facing bankruptcy. The Fullerton school district may have to lay off many of its teachers, nurses and other employees. This year's summer school was cancelled. Art and music programs may cease to be offered.

We wish to reassure you that O.L.C. plans to remain open to all the children of our neighborhood throughout the 2009-2010 school year. You can help our escuelita stay open. We never charge anything for our services, but we ask that each student's family help us, by taking part in fundraising events and by helping us provide simple snacks to our students when they arrive each day to do their homework.

We'll be in touch with each one of you before the new school year begins in September to discuss how we can best work together to serve all the families of our community.

Sincerely yours,

The O.L.C. Board of Directors

our children
the most important people in the neighborhood -- our children
making tamales
making tamales

Thank you!

During the school year which just ended, the mothers of our students helped us raise funds by making tamales and pupusas. We are grateful to these moms for their hard work, and to the many friends in our neighborhood and in our churches who purchased their tasty home-made products. We will have another tamalada this Fall in time for Christmas.

We're especially grateful to one of our leaders, Rosa Zapata, who offered to make and sell pupusas at the Saturday morning food distributions in May. She donated all the profits of these sales to O.L.C. and plans to do it again in the near future.

We thank our many friends who dined at Ruby's and SuperMex those days when a percentage of your expenditures went to O.L.C.

The children in Angel Villa's art classes helped with fundraising by making beautiful Easter bonnets which we auctioned off to parishioners of the Methodist church to support O.L.C. Thank you, students and churchfamily!

Thank you, Patricia Liu and Ángel Villa, our tutors who every day go "above and beyond" the requirements of their job descriptions as tutors, showing our children great love and patience. We hope you will both return for the 2009-2010 school year.

Thank you, volunteer tutors from our churches, colleges, high schools and the neighborhood for coming to O.L.C. as often as you could to help our students.

All the children of the Learning Center thank Sharyl Lewis for inviting them to the Resurrection Egg Hunt during the Easter season. More than 20 OLCers, plus several of their little brothers and sisters, participated in this joyous event. A good time was had by all!

Making cookies
Mary, Eunice and Sarah making cookies for an O.L.C. party

Friends of OLC

For their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center, we're very grateful to:

Goodbye, Graduates!

The following O.L.C. students have graduated from the sixth grade:

We wish you well in junior high school this Fall and hope you'll come back and visit your friends at O.L.C.

In Our Neighborhood:

Distinguished Volunteer Tutor:
Nedda Soriano

Nedda was born and raised in Peru. She attended a Methodist school there. In her senior year, she was sponsored by an American family from Redlands. They, the Tryons, became her family while she studied.

Nedda graduated as a group social worker in Kansas City, then returned to Peru. She worked as Director of a Social Center, which was sponsored by the United Methodist Women of the United States. She also organized and worked as principal of an elementary school in a mission project of the United Methodist Church of Peru.

At the beginning of 1966, Nedda and her husband Marcelo returned to the States for further education. They both worked at the Spanish-American Institute in Gardena. Several years later, she started to work as Director for a Methodist preschool. She recently retired after working as a preschool director for 38 years. Nedda is now a member of the board of directors of Orangethorpe Learning Center, where she also serves as a volunteer tutor.

Nedda is a member of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church, and is active in its Latino Ministry. She participates in the California-Pacific Annual Conference's Council on Children's Ministry, and as member of the Council of Hispanic Ministry.

Nedda's son Willy and daughter-in-law Maribel live in Brea. Willy is an inspector at Trim-Lok, Inc., in Buena Park and Maribel teaches at Cal State Los Angeles. Nedda's daughter Edith and son-in-law Brad live near Seattle, Washington, with their children Reagan, age 11, and Kendall, age 9. They both work for the Federal Aeronautics Administration.

Easter egg project
Nedda and her students dyeing Easter eggs

2009-2010 School Year:

¡LATEST NEWS! The OLC board of directors has decided to open la escuelita before the date published in this edition of the Fun Times. Our first day will be TUESDAY, September 8, 2009.

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