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Summer 2011 - Vol. 16 No. 1

Friends of OLC

For their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center, we're very grateful to:

We thank the many students from Buena Park High and Fullerton College who served as volunteer tutors throughout the past year.

We thank our children's hard-working parents for making possible our very successful yard sale on May 21st.

We thank our friends for dining at local restaurants to support OLC and for buying tamales and pupusas made by our children's mothers.

We thank our students' families for providing snacks for the children each day.

Parents, you can help us make OLC a safer and happier place for its students by visiting it regularly and sharing your ideas with us. We will reopen September 6, 2011 for another school year.

Our Director

The OLC Board of Directors has named Patricia Liu to the position of Director. Patricia has been an OLC employee for more than eight years, and before that was a volunteer. As Director, Patricia will manage the daily operations of OLC and will coordinate the work of our other employees and volunteers. She will be responsible for safety and order within "la escuelita".

Back-to-school Night
Tuesday, August 30, 6:30 p.m.

Parents — OLC welcomes you to the 2011-2012 school year! We invite you to come meet your children's teachers and to register your children for the new school year. Students who are registered in advance will be ready to start receiving help with their homework immediately when "la escuelita" reopens.

Procedures for Parent Concerns

The staff, volunteers and Board of Directors are dedicated to helping your children not only with their homework, but with their safety. If you have a concern regarding a situation or with a child or adult at OLC, you need to proceed in the following manner:

  1. Talk with your child's teacher first, privately.
  2. If the concern cannot be solved, then the Director, Patricia Liu, will be glad to talk with you.
  3. The Board of Directors will intervene, without delay, if the matter concerns a staff member, volunteer or Board member.
Patricia and students

Patricia is a certified teacher in Taiwan and is working toward her California teaching credential. We see her here with the most important people in our neighborhood – her students!

Parent Guidelines

Orangethorpe Learning Center is a California non-profit public benefit corporation, with federal tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of the families and friends of Orangethorpe Learning Center. Please visit our web site at to learn more about us!

New members of the
OLC Board of Directors

Rosa Osorio returns to our board after being away for two years. She loves to cook pupusas and tamales and will be very much involved in OLC's fundraisers. Rosy was born in El Salvador. She has four adult children, plus a seventh grader, Yanira Elizabeth, who formerly attended OLC. She has belonged to Templo Calvario in Santa Ana for 23 years and ushers at their Sunday services. ¡Bienvenida, Rosy!

Kristina Iancului was a shy little second grader with a big pink backpack who came to Orangethorpe Learning Center looking for help with her homework soon after we opened on Valentine's Day, 1995. Her parents had escaped from Communist opression in their homeland of Romania and ended up living in Fullerton, where Kris was born.

Kristina came to OLC nearly every afternoon and soon was getting very good grades at Valencia Park School. When it came time for her to move on to Nicolas Junior High, she asked if she could still come to OLC. She helped our "little kids" with their homework and our director, Norm Todd, helped her with hers. This continued while Kris was attending Fullerton High, where she was permitted to enroll in classes for college credit at Fullerton College.

By the time of her high school graduation, Kris had accumulated more than 30 units at FC and soon transferred to Cal State Fullerton. During her college days, she still came to OLC to help our students whenever she could and we eventually persuaded her to become our employee. After more than a year as a tutor, she resigned to accept a student teaching job at CSUF.

In June 2011, Kristina Iancului received a Master of Arts degree in Education from CSUF. She is now a schoolteacher. At OLC's August board meeting, Kris accepted our invitation to become a member of our board of directors, saying:

Yes I would love to be part of the board! It would be a nice way for me to still be connected with OLC since I've been a part of it for so long before. It's a huge part of my life and it was OLC who helped me become the person that I am today. So yes, definitely!

Welcome home, Kristina! We look forward to your contributions to OLC in your new role as board member!

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