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Summer 2012 - Vol. 17 No. 1

OLC Will Reopen September 4

This newsletter is going out to our volunteers and other friends, and especially to all the families who enrolled their children in our "escuelita" during the 2011-2012 school year.

We hope we'll see those students once again when we reopen September 4, 2012, for another school year. Children, moms and dads, please invite your friends and neighbors who still don't know us to come and take part in our program.

Parents, you can help us make OLC a safer and happier place for our students by visiting us regularly and sharing your ideas with us.

Volunteer teachers, we hope you can return to help your little friends with their homework. We are very grateful for all the help you've given us in the past.

Members of the OLC Board of Directors

Many years ago, a little second grader came to OLC to get help with her homework. She attended almost every day and received very good grades. After graduating from Orangethorpe School, she came back to serve as a volunteer teacher. While she was attending Cal State Fullerton, she became our employee for a while. Now she is working as an insurance agent for Mercury Insurance.

We are very pleased that Gabriela Villa accepted our invitation to become a member of our Board of Directors. Gaby is the second ex-student of OLC who has come back to our escuelita to be a part of our leadership. The first was Kristina (Iancului) Frias. We hope to see more "graduates" in the future...

Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them..."

The following persons are members of the OLC Board of Directors:

Our Director

The OLC Board of Directors has named Angel Villa to the position of Director. A long time ago, Angel was a student at OLC, and later was a volunteer, then our employee. Now he's an engineering and architecture student at Cal Poly Pomona.

As Director, Angel manages the daily operations of OLC and coordinates the work of our other employees and volunteers. He is responsible for safety and order within "la escuelita".

Angel's birthday

Here's Angel with some of the most important people in our neighborhood – his students! In the photo, they're helping him celebrate his birthday.

Procedures for Parent Concerns

The staff, volunteers and Board of Directors are dedicated to helping your children not only with their homework, but with their safety. If you have a concern regarding a situation or with a child or adult at OLC, you need to proceed in the following manner:

  1. Talk with your child's teacher first, privately.
  2. If the concern cannot be resolved, then the Director, Angel Villa, will be glad to talk with you.
  3. The Board of Directors will intervene, without delay, if the matter concerns a staff member, volunteer or Board member.
Mary and her students
Our volunteer, Mary Miller, loves to bring neat
projects for her students. Here she is with
teacher Mercy and some of the kids.

Kris & Norm
Our leader, Kristina (Iancului) Frias,
with former OLC director Norm Todd

Parent Guidelines

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