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May 2014 - Vol. 19 No. 1

Friends of OLC

For their recent donations of funds, supplies and equipment to our homework center, we're very grateful to:

We thank our friends for dining at the SuperMex and Salt & Pepper restaurants to support OLC. We invite you to continue supporting us by buying fireworks from July 1 to July 4 at our stand at the corner of Brookhurst and Orangethorpe, less than one mile from nuestra escuelita.

Parents, you can help us make OLC a safer and happier place for its students by visiting it regularly and sharing your ideas with us. We plan to reopen August 25, 2014, for another school year. Please tell your neighbors and friends about OLC and invite them to send their children to us for help with their homework.

In February, we celebrated 19 years of serving our community. These are some of our leaders, employees and volunteers at the fiesta.

See more photos and information

Some more photos from our anniversary party:
Patricia Liu, our former director, helped us celebrate. Here she is with a new little friend, Stephanie
Martha Villa, who sent her three children to OLC and who still supports our ministry

Some words from our interim directors

Last Summer, our Director, Ángel Villa, discovered that he would be unable to continue serving at OLC, due to his class schedule at Cal Poly Pomona. His place was taken by Kristina Frias, who was one of the very first students to enroll in 1995, and who later served as a volunteer tutor and paid tutor. We are very grateful to Kristina for being able to step in and serve through the end of 2013. Here is a note from Kris...

Hi OLCers! I am delighted to hear that OLC is going to survive another school year! As the school semester comes to an end this May, I've reflected back on the wonderful times that I had with you all. I'd like to thank the board and students for allowing me to experience a semester as an interim director. I found that my position was challenging but fun. I got to know all my students' strengths and weaknesses when I thought I couldn't.

My newborn daughter Laylana, who is almost 4 months old, has been keeping me quite busy. As she gets a little bit older, I would like to come visit OLC and maybe be able to help children with their homework once again. Keep up the good work, study hard, and I'll see you all very soon! :)

Kristina (Iancului) Frias

Laylana Frias
Miss Laylana Frias, who we hope will enroll in OLC in 2018

Orangethorpe Learning Center is a California non-profit public benefit corporation, with federal tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fun Times is published in English and Spanish for the information of the families and friends of Orangethorpe Learning Center. Please visit our web site at to learn more about us!

In January 2014, when Kristina left us to give birth to Laylana, her place was taken by Cayla Carey, who used to visit OLC during its first year along with her grandparents, then served as a volunteer while in junior high school, and was hired as a tutor in December 2011. Cayla says:

Hello to everyone in our OLC family!

I cannot believe how fast this school year has gone by! I am happy to celebrate another successful year with our OLC family. It has been my pleasure and an honor to be the interim director after Kristina had her baby girl.

I've grown close to the kids over the past few years as a tutor, and was happy that the board and children accepted me as director. We are all family at the OLC and I am thankful to be here. I've had a lot of fun getting to know the kids, tutors, and volunteers on a different level. I love my job and look forward to seeing everyone when we reopen, which I'm happy to announce will be possible thanks to many generous donations and grants!

I would like to give a special thanks to everyone that has donated to the OLC. THANK YOU! Without your support, we couldn't reopen for the next school year. Thank you to the Fullerton Lions Club, the Methodist Church, parents and everyone else for donations and/or grants. Thank you to the parents that brought snacks throughout the year! You are appreciated!

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!! We were lucky enough to get some very dedicated volunteers this year. Thank you to fellow tutors, we made a good team this year and tried our best to work together to make the program as successful as possible. Thank you to the OLC Board for allowing me this experience and guiding us all through the year and for all the effort put into keeping this family together!


Cayla Carey

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