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Fun Times - February 1996

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Vol. 1 No. 2 ----- February 1996
A Homework Center

First Anniversary Fun

OLC's first anniversary together with Valentine's day was double reason to have a party -- and we did. We had four visitors from Shalimar Homework Center in Costa Mesa and two from the Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO) office in Anaheim. We also had Rev. Louise, Chuck Carey and parents and teachers as guests too. Everyone seemed to get enough goodies to eat and punch to drink. (Even Jaime, Yordi and Cesar) Happy Anniversary!

Parents Meeting

Tuesday, March 5th, at 7:00 pm, there will be a meeting for Learning Center parents and other family members, volunteers and members of our sponsoring churches in the "Church Lounge" across the patio from OLC. Child care will be available. Interpreters will be available to help anybody who doesn't speak English to participate. We want to find out how our students' families feel about the Learning Center and other concerns such as...

Student News

Jennifer Jones made the honor roll at her school. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Shermeek August, and tutors Norm and Carl, learned that before you do "domino math" you must start with a full set of dominoes. Domino math example: using a standard set of double 9 dominoes (55 dominoes in all) and counting each half of a domino as a digit, i.e. 0 through 9, what is the smallest 4 digit number you can make? (takes 2 dominoes) Answer: one (00 01). Now what is the smallest 8 digit number you can make? The largest?

William Solares, First Grade, has begun reading sentences and building vocabulary.

A Short Story by Alex Ramirez
4th Grade

Of course, the members of the bear family, who lived in a big tree house down Sunny Dirt Road in bear country, loved each other. They loved each other very much. Brother and Sister Bear loved their Mamma and Papa. Naturally, Mama and Papa Bear loved their cubs and of course they were nice to them -- as nice as they could be. But sometimes -- sometimes they were a little too nice. Sometimes the cubs got too many treats, too many toys, and too many rides on the Rocking Duck at the mall. Maybe that's why Brother and Sister Bear got the gimmies or maybe it was because there were treats, toys and fun things to do wherever they looked -- at the supermarket, at the mall, on TV and just about everywhere. Maybe that was why they began making a fuss to get what they wanted, especially at the supermarket checkout, where there were always "Now Cubs" Mama bear said as a family got into the checkout line.

Lent Season Activities

Orangethorpe and Cornerstone United Methodist Churches will serve a simple lenten dinner at 5:45 pm each Wednesday evening. March 6 and 13 are potlucks and March 20 and 27 are prepared meals at $3 for adults and $2 for a child. Dinners are followed by communion at 6:30 and a program at 7.

Palm Sunday, March 31, special services at most churches.

Apple Macintosh Donated

Erik Gardner, age 8, donated his "old" Mac to OLC. He got a "new" one with more memory according to his dad. Thanks Erik!! Now we need educational software for it.

Welcome to New Students!

During February, many new students joined the Learning Center. Welcome!

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