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Vol. 2 No. 2 ----- March 1997
A Homework Center

Joyce Friedman!

Joyce was born in Chattanooga, Tennesee, where she attended school, then went to the University of Tennessee. She married her husband, Paul, and has lived in a variety of places all over the U.S.A. -- Atlanta, where Paul went to Georgia Tech, High Point, NC, Los Altos, CA, and now Fullerton. They have three children and two grandchildren and are looking forward to the wedding of a son this summer. Joyce is and always has been busy as a volunteer. She was PTA president, Room Mother, and Teacher's Aide in the classrooms. She was responsible for the Gray Ladies, a hospital volunteer group, while in High Point. She was a fundraiser for Autistic Children in Los Altos. Joyce has served on the Board for her temple in the various cities where she and Paul have lived and is a member of Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton. She also functions as Paul's secretary in his computer consulting business.

Joyce Friedman works hard at whatever she does, whether baking cookies and cakes for her friends and her doctors' offices or tutoring our children. She is a generous and kind-hearted person who likes to help others, and loves children and people in general. Joyce has been a hardworking volunteer at the Orangethorpe Learning Center since it reopened last Fall, usually on Tuesdays, and occasionally on other days when another volunteer needed a substitute. She recently had to go to the hospital as a result of broken bones suffered in a fall. We all miss you, Joyce, and pray for your speedy recovery and return to our Learning Center.

More Volunteer News

Another volunteer who is recovering from surgery is Lois Forbes, who was saluted in the Fun Timessome months ago. Lois, who usually works on Thursdays, had cataract surgery in one eye recently and is recovering so well that the doctor will operate on the other eye sooner than expected. Although it isn't easy for Lois to "take a rest" while going through surgery, she will certainly appreciate being able to see all her friends at the Learning Center more clearly.

Another volunteer, Stacey Wong, and her husband Steve will celebrate their son Benny's marriage in April to Stacey Loy.


The more we have, the better we are!

OLC Salutes
The Student of the month
Shermeek August!

Shermeek is a tall, talented twelve year old who has been a regular at the Learning Center for more from a year. She came to Fullerton from the town of Camolate, in the tiny Central American country of Belize two years ago, along with her mother and older sister. Shermeek has four brothers and two sisters in Belize. It didn't take her long to get used to our colder, drier climate here in California. She is in Miss Parker's sixth grade class at Orangethorpe School, where her favorite activities are spelling, art, writing stories and (sometimes) math. Her best friends at school are: Thi, Nancy and Hilda and Maria P., who are also regular OLC attendees. Shermeek must enjoy coming to the Learning Center because she invited her cousin, Melissa, to come along with her last Fall.

Recently, Shermeek's painting of a butterfly was selected to be part of an exhibition of art work by children from all over Fullerton at the Muckenthaler Center, where you can go see it until April 6. When she grows up, Shermeek would like to be a professional artist, just like her grandfather in Belize. While she's been attending Orangethorpe Learning Center we've all been very impressed with her enthusiastic, friendly attitude and her eagerness to learn. We'll miss Shermeek very much this Fall when she moves on to Nicolas Junior High School. On the other hand, Nicolas will be gaining an artist and a really good student.

Sponsor's Corner

Some of our sponsors this school year are:

We deeply appreciate the contributions of our sponsors. They, together with our volunteers and the facility, make our OLC possible.

OLC is More Than the 3R's...

School projects such as art, dioramas, models of scenes such as mission life, Indian villages and other things have been made at OLC. Major reports on social studies are another area where the resources of the learning center are used. Computer training, word processing, computer graphics and learning games also are also popular. Recently, a computerized English/Spanish version of the old "Hangman" word guessing/spelling game has been very popular with bilingual students.

Some interesting social study areas recently were food and animals of India, the dynasties of ancient China, and ethnic meals of America. (We made grits during Black History Month.) Science projects have included studying minerals under the microscope and performing buoyancy tests, salt versus fresh water. The study of dinosauros remains popular too, especially with William and Jesse. (2nd grade) Microscope

Finding resources for these various projects keeps Norm and the volunteers busy looking for boxes, cardboard and various other items. The 5th and 6th graders have learned to use the computer to make report covers and to word process stories, book reports and social studies reports. Copying maps and photos and photos of paintings of past presidents and other famous people has been helpful for reports too. It would be very valuable if we had a computer with CD-ROM drive and CD encyclopedia. Some research information is being downloaded fom the internet at other locations. The most recent was a biography of Walt Disney for Angela B.

Friday Evening ESL Class Continues

English for Spanish speakers class is held at Orangethorpe Christian Church (2200 W. Orangethorpe) at 6:00 p.m. each Friday and lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Anna Mansilla has been teaching this class for about 9 or 10 months. Several of the OLC students' parents are attending. It is open to anyone and is free.

Phonics Class to Restart on April 4th

For students who are either weak in phonics or need help in certain areas, there will be a class during the ESL class at Orangethorpe Christian Church, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Fridays. We will use the Hooked on Phonics audio tapes and later if we can get them, The Phonics Game audio tape and video tape. We may also have a computer phonics game. Other help with specific subjects can be arranged at the same time by appointment. It is free.

Spring Break is Coming!

Orangethorpe Learning Center will be closed while the Fullerton Schools are on spring break. OLC will be closed April 7-10, opening again on the 14th.

Students + Homework = Success

During the past several weeks, there has been much homework completed and projects started and some completed. Congratulations to those students!

It is always disappointing to me when students show up at the Learning (Homework) Center with no homework. Occasionally I call their their teacher and more times than not, he or she says that the particular student has homework or is even weeks behind. It is apparent that the students who take an interest in doing their homework get the good grades. So, do bring your homework and do work on it!

Norm Todd

Computer Classes on Wednesday

Students who are enrolled in the CompuQuest computer classes on Wednesdays, don't forget to come to OLC on Wednesday! We have to pay for the lessons even if the class is not filled.

Student Authors Needed...

Get your stories or articles or observations published to over 500 people! Maybe you'll be "discovered" and some day be a professional writer or journalist. Write those stories and maybe get extra school credit.

Este ejemplar en español

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