Fun Times - April 1997
Orangethorpe Learning Center

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Vol. 2 No. 3 ----- April 1997
A Homework Center

OLC Salutes the New Volunteers

Welcome to the newer volunteers. Some of them are Marilyn Warren of OCC, Patricia Baird, Pam Meza, Roxanne Kepich (Annabelle's daughter) and Josie Boyette. Thanks for the help! Without volunteers to help the students, OLC would not function as a homework center.

Volunteers Wanted!

The more we have the better we are.

OLC Salutes The Student of the Month:
Maria Placencia

Interviewed by Shermeek August

Maria came to the United States from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, where she was born 12 years ago. Maria would like to be a teacher like her Aunts Teresa and Gabriela. Maria has two brothers and two sisters: Selene, Alondra, Julian and Alonso. Alondra and Alonso are twins. Julian and Selene also attend the Learning Center. Maria is a straight B student and likes going to Orangethorpe School. Her teacher is Mrs. Hollenbeck. Her favorite teachers are Ms. Mozlin and Mrs Hollenbeck. Her favorite subject is Social studies. She has been on the honor roll three times.

Maria loves coming to the Homework Center. Her best friends are Shermeek, Elizabeth, Adriana, Hilda, Dolly, Angela, Heather and Gabriela. She will be attending Nicolas Junior High next year and wishes we had a 7th grade homework center! (Maybe she should become a volunteer tutor.)

Friday Evening ESL Class Continues...

English for Spanish speakers class is held at Orangethorpe Christian Church across the street (2200 W. Orangethorpe) at 6PM each Friday and lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Our Teacher, Anna Mansilla, has been teaching the class for about 9 or 10 months. Several of the OLC students parents are attending. It is open to anyone and is free.

Summer is Coming!

Orangethorpe Learning Center will close with a party on Thursday, June 5. The Fullerton School's last day of instruction is June 12 OLC will reopen probably on September 29 or October 6.

Summer Activities are being planned and one date to mark on your calendar is July 14 - July 18 for a vacation bible school at Orangethorpe Christian Church.

Homework is Students' "Job"

Just like mom or dad's job, it requires responsible and constant attention to get the good "pay" (in grades earned).

Recent Epidemic of Math Brain-Teasers

Somebody at Orangethorpe School must stay up late at night to figure out some of the 'problems' that we've seen at the homework center such as: I have 100 coins (but no nickels) that equal $5.00. What are they? or: Use three nines to make 11. Wait till they discover the adult math brain-teaser: I just got paid, why am I already out of money! See Norm for the answer to the first two.

Everybody at Orangethorpe School is waiting to hear...

The paperwork is done, the interviews and visitations are complete. All that is left is to get the word from the Government that Orangethorpe School is a Blue Ribbon School. Robin in the Office says that they should hear in early May.

OLC need list...

If you or your civic group can help furnish some of our supplies, we'd really appreciate it. We always need: Pencils, construction paper, notebook paper, glue sticks, single subject science books such as a book about volcanos, minerals, the sea, sea creatures, etc. Good 2nd grade reading books are always in demand. Computer clip art is also in demand. Some of the students are skilled at loading graphics and modifying them, adding text and printing them. (Our best computer is an old slow 386.)

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