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Vol. 2 No. 4 ----- June 1997
A Homework Center

OLC Salutes the Volunteers

Welcome to the community service volunteers. Most of them came from Chapman University in Orange where Rev. Gayle Schoepf (former pastor of Orangethorpe Christian Church) is the Assistant Director of Church Relations. She finds community service projects for the Students of Chapman U. and lately she has sent them to OLC. Thanks Students - and Rev. Gayle Schoepf and Chapman U. Maybe one of our students will attend Chapman University someday.

Volunteers Needed!

Especially Thursdays. The more we have the better we are.

OLC Salutes The Students of the Month
Jesse and William Solares

Interviewed by: Maria Placencia

William and Jesse Solares attend Orangethorpe School and have been attending Orangethorpe Learning Center for two school years. William (Willie) is 7 years old and is in the second grade in Mrs. Johnson's class. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Rowatt are his favorite teachers. William likes to read books, play computer games and he likes sports. He would like to be a basketball player, a handball player, a football player, a volleyball player and a cartoon artist - oh, also a policeman.

William's favorite subjects in school are Math, Journal and reading books. Some of his best friends are: Leshey, Brian, Alberto, Jonathan, Juaquin, Anthony, Julio, Aldo, Oscar, Julian, Adam, Steven and Tommy.

Jesse and William were born in Guatemala and have two sisters, Bianca, 3 years and Ashley (about 2 months old). Their mother, Maria, is a regular visitor at the Learning Center and attends the ESL class. (Congratulations on the new baby sister!)

Jesse Solares is 8 years old and is in Mrs. Jones' second grade class. His favorite subjects are math and social studies. Jesse wants to be a basketball player, handball player, a baseball player and football player and also wants to be a police officer. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Rowatt. Some of his favorite friends are: Donny, Cesar, Bianca, Michael, Sean, Anthony, Julian, Rodney and Tommy.

Friday Evening ESL Class Continues...

English for Spanish speakers class is held at Orangethorpe Christian Church across the street (2200 W. Orangethorpe) at 6PM each Friday and lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Our Teacher, Anna Mansilla, has been teaching the class for about 10 months. Several of the OLC students' parents are attending. It is open to anyone and is free. During the class, time is available for OLC students for help with education, summer school homework, special studies or projects. Call and make an appointment first. Norm - 871-3400.

Summer is Coming!

Orangethorpe Learning Center will close with a party on Thursday, June 5. The Fullerton School's last day of instruction is June 12 OLC will reopen probably on September 29 or October 6.

Summer Activities are being planned and one week to mark on your calendar is July 14 - July 18 for a vacation bible school at Orangethorpe Christian Church.

More Brain-Teasers from Orangethorpe School

How far can you go into the woods? How long is a rope? These come from students studying fractions. Answers: You can go 1/2 way into the woods, then you are coming out of the woods. The length of a rope is twice the distance from the center to one end. Fractions are important and useful and must be mastered to understand decimals and percents. Maybe we should order some pizzas and cut them into tenths, eights or quarters... If Tiffany ate 3/2 of a pizza and Tony ate 9/10 of a pizza, who ate more? What's a numerator and what's a denominator? What does 5/5 mean? What does the "/" (fraction bar) mean? Students, you've heard this before, right?

We hope you learned at least 9/10 of it.

A Typical Day at OLC...

If you walked in on a typical day, say Wednesday, at the Learning Center, you might see...

Our "little angel" Angel Villa dilligently practicing writing his alphabet and numbers. He'll be ready for the first grade this fall, for sure; Another of our little ones, Freddy Diaz, putting together a really complicated puzzle; Judith Diaz trying to bribe volunteer Chuck with a mint to give her some extra help with her assignment. Four future teachers - Maria Placencia, Jennifer Jones, Judy Diaz and Maria Larios - "playing school" with newcomer Arcelia Orozco, giving her some tough math problems and spelling words in our "quiet room"; Angie Hernandez and Willie Solares having fun thinking up tough phrases in the hangman computer game to stump Norm and Chuck. Phuong and Mao, who say they've finished their homework, taking on volunteer Carl in a game of checkers. Several Children who have finished their homework assignments crowding around volunteer Marilyn to be rewarded with stickers. Julian Placencia and Tony Boutdara manipulating graphics files in Windows 3.1 on the 386 computer. There is usually a question or two by the younger students: "when is it snack time?" which is Norm's clue to start the clock reading lesson. Then Maria Larios goes to the board and quietly draws all the planets in order and names them. (Saturn seem to be her favorite). The day usually ends with "can I have another cookie?"

Graffiti and Empty Liquor Bottles on the Rise in Our Neighborhood

Orangethorpe Christian Church (in front of Gilbert Park) was hit by graffiti vandals Thursday night, May 22. Defacing a house-of-God is very thoughtless and irresponsible. Also, recently there has been a large and dramatic increase in the number of liquor bottles discarded around the church and in the vacant lot. It is time to start another drive to sweep out the bad influences in our neighborhood and enforce the law.

OLC Wish List for Next Year...

If you or your civic group can help furnish some of our supplies on a regular basis we'd really appreciate it. We always need: construction paper, notebook paper, glue sticks, copier paper, dry-erase markers, water color paints, tempera paint, crayons, etc.

Next school year we need a CD-ROM encyclopedia such as World Book, a CD-ROM dictionary and a multi-media computer to run them and a printer. This would enhance and update and speed up research for reports. For some of the students, the computers at the learning center are their only exposure to computer technology.

Notes from Norm...

As the school year grows to a close, I feel mixed emotions. I am sad when I think of how much I will miss the students. I am glad and proud of the things we accomplished during the year. I feel frustrated that we cannot do more. Mother Theresa said it best: "We cannot do great things, only small things with great Love." Small things are the small steps that a child takes when learning, a new vocabulary word, a new spelling word, a new math concept, an understanding of another culture or another period of history. The order of the planets, making a raft or a planet or a diorama or an art project; each is a small step, but each is a step forward helped by someone who cares and volunteers with love. It has been said that one of the most important things in life is the big ones helping the little ones.

To the parents, I thank you for entrusting your children to us at the learning center. To the volunteer tutors, thank you for being there and helping "the little ones" - with love. We could not do it without you. To Orangethorpe and Cornerstone United Methodist Churches and Orangethorpe Christian Church and the Sponsors, Thank you for making it possible - with facilities and donations of money and goods. To the sixth grade graduates - Congratulations! We will miss each of you and we wish you well in Junior High and beyond. We hope that you will come back and be tutors one day. Hope to see the rest of you next school year.

Summer activity plans are being made and we will be in touch with all OLC students for whom we have current addresses. We highly recommend that all students go to the library and read this summer. Keep your skills sharp and be ready for school in September.

Thank You to OLC Board of Directors

A special thank you to the OLC board chairman Mr. Randy Reece and members:

Thanks also to the Parish Board of Trustees and to Clarice Lew for the accounting and check writing.

Thank You to OCCCO

(Orange County Congregation Community Organization) and Mr. Doug Schauer for contacting parents and helping us stay tuned to the pulse of the community. A Special Thank You to Chuck Carey for being one of the founders, a friend and supporter of OLC.

Party Time Thursday, June 5

We will close with a party on June 5 and all parents and families of students of OLC and sponsors are invited. The party will start at 4PM in the fellowship hall. Happy Summer!

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