Fun Times - October 1997
Orangethorpe Learning Center

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Vol. 3 No. 1 ----- October 1997
A Homework Center

Opening Day Well Attended

Even with little advertising, OLC opened with 22 students on September 15th. We welcomed some little brothers and sisters of students from last school year who are now in Kindergarten. Brian Park and Lorraine Morales are our 2 kindergartners registered as of this writing. Welcome!

What is OLC?

About three years ago, the members of three local churches,

decided to take a more active part in making our Southwest Fullerton neighborhood a better place to live. After talking to many of the families who live in the Orangethorpe and Gilbert area, we decided that one way we could do that would be to provide a safe, friendly place where children could come after school to receive help with their homework.

People from each church volunteered to spend an afternoon or two each week working as mentors, or tutors. Some of them are former teachers, while others have worked in many different occupations. Most of them are parents or grandparents. Some are great-grandparents. They have one thing in common -- they all love children and want to help them not only be better students, but better citizens.

Orangethorpe Learning Center opened its doors on St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 1995. Only two children came that first day, but within a few weeks, 20 to 30 students were showing up each day. The word spreads quickly from one family to another. Many of our students have invited their cousins or neighbors or classmates. We feel honored that several of our students who started attending OLC in its first days still come in nearly every day.

The Welcome Wall

We'd like to thank our friends who added signs in their own languages to our "Wall of Welcome". We wanted to remind our children and their families that regardless of where they're from, all children in our neighborhood who want to learn are welcome to come to our Learning Center. It doesn't matter if you come from Fullerton or Fiji, Buena Park or Belize, Anaheim or Argentina. Our admission policy is based on Jesus' words: "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them."

Parent Representatives

The Learning Center Board, which administers OLC, has invited two parents to become members of the board. We selected two mothers who have been enthusiastic participants, along with their children, in OLC ever since we opened in February 1995. We encourage any parents who have suggestions or concerns or ideas about how your homework center can be more effective to communicate with these Board members:

Maria and Margareta come to OLC several days each week to work with the children; they both wear the same bright pink nametags as our other volunteer mentors. We're always pleased to see parents or other family members come in to help our children, just as Maria and Margareta do.

Volunteers on the Go

Our volunteers have been doing a lot of traveling recently. Lois Forbes returned last week from a visit to Greece and Turkey, where she and her sisters visited several ancient cities. On Thursday, October 23rd, she gave a presentation to some interested students with books, maps and souvenirs for each student.

Stacey Wong and her husband went to China and Japan during the summer, including a visit to Hong Kong just after it was transferred from British to Chinese rule. O.K., uppergraders that fact will be on a test at school.

Mary Edwards and her husband went to Cuernavaca, Mexico, this summer for the baptism of their grandson, then returned by way of Belize.

Students, be sure to ask these volunteers to tell you all about the places they have visited and if you visited another country, tell us about it or write a story about your trip for the Fun Times.

OLC's Students of Today

The grade level of the currently enrolled and 5 pending students which totals 52, is as follows:

The students are made up of 22 boys and 30 girls.

Monday Music Minutes

Esther Shin is providing 15 minutes or so of music in two classes each Monday. She leads one class for the lower grades and one for the upper grades. The classes are open to all OLC students who are up on their homework. Esther is a very accomplished Musician and has led many concerts and taught in the schools and in her own children's choir.

Welcome Esther Shin and thanks for the volunteering your time and talent!

Parents Please Note:

The 2:30 PM rule applies on Wednesdays too! Students are not allowed on the Church Property before 2:30 PM on any day including Wednesdays when they get out of school early in Fullerton. Some students are arriving as early as 1PM and making a lot of noise, causing havoc with the nap time at the preschool. Please talk to your children about this. Official operating hours for OLC are 2:45 to 4:30 PM.

Snack Quiz

What eats 5 dozen cookies, a gallon of punch and gallon of milk at one sitting? Answer: OLC! If you can donate cookies or milk or soda, the students, volunteers, and the director would appreciate it.

This Issue's Quiz

Of what country is this flag? (Its background is red and the design is white.)


Welcome to New Volunteers!

New to volunteering, not new to OLC is Shermeek August. A 7th grader now, she helps at OLC when her time and studies permit. Welcome back, Shermeek!

Rosa Diaz is a 12th grader and is earning community service hours, a school requirement, by helping at OLC. Welcome Rosa!

Sunny Chi from Rosary High School is also a welcome addition to the volunteer staff. Welcome Sunny!

Rev. Anita Iceman, pastor of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church has become a Monday volunteer. Welcome Anita!

Rev. Patricia Adams Farmer, pastor of Orangethorpe Christian Church has become a Thursday volunteer. Welcome Patricia!

We're looking forward to some volunteers from Chapman University and Fullerton College too.

Parents, it you can volunteer an hour or two per week, we can sure use you. There are lots of jobs, reading, listening to a student read, preparation and serving snacks, or helping with homework.

No Computer Classes

Karen the computer teacher is having surgery this week. Classes will resume when she recovers.

Future Teachers?

It looks like we have some students at OLC who may go into the teaching profession some day. In the past few weeks we've observed...

It's always good to see kids helping kids!

Recruiter Mao

When our students invite their friends to come to OLC with them, we know we're doing something right. One of our students from Whitaker School, Mao Phan, has brought two friends with him who soon discovered that OLC is a neat place to be in the afternoons... Mangkone and Andrew. We remind all our students that they may invite any friend who is in K-6 who might need help with his or her homework.

Blood Drive

Donate blood!

Orangethorpe United Methodist Church is sponsoring a Red Cross blood drive on Tuesday, November 18, from 3:00 to 8:15 PM in the fellowship hall (to the north of the Learning Center). If parents wish to donate blood, please sign up by calling the church (Sharyl at 526-8317), or sign up at the Learning Center.

West Fullerton Resource Center

The Resource Center (across the patio from the Homework Center) provides Pediatric Medical Services, health educational classes, exercise classes and other information and opportunities to help you have a healthier life. Most classes are in Spanish or bilingual. See their November Calendar of events which is enclosed.

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