Fun Times - March 1998
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Vol. 3 No. 3 ----- March 1998
A Homework Center

OLC Salutes Volunteer of the Month Martha Hyde!

One of the very first people to see the need for a homework center in our neighborhood, and to take a key role in founding Orangethorpe Learning Center, was Martha Hyde. This is just one example of Martha's lifelong dedication to the education of the children of her community.

Martha was born in Iowa, where she started teaching in the Marion County rural schools, with a High School Normal Teaching Certificate while she was taking education classes in Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. The schools where Martha taught were a lot like our homework center, with children of all grades learning together in one room.

Country School

After moving to California, Martha taught for 30 years at the Santa Gertrudis School in Santa Fé Springs. She continued taking classes at night at Whittier College, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1957. She later received a Master of Science Degree from Azusa Pacific College. After receiving her Master's degree, she worked as a resource teacher, helping children with learning disabilities.

Martha has been married for more than fifty years to her husband, Max. She and Max have lived on Porter Avenue, around the corner from the Learning Center, for more than forty years. Martha likes to play golf and she and Max are both baseball fans who go to several Angels' games each year. Martha and Max are very proud of their daughter, Cheryl, who teaches the first grade at a school in Downey.


Some Words From Our Students

Here are two more articles in the series of stories by our students on why they like to come to Orangethorpe Learning Center...

How Hard These Kids Work at the Learning Center!

There are so many kids here at the learning center and all of them work hard. I have seen these kids work really hard. Their names are Angela, Ana, Judith, Maria and Sarah. These kids are always helping and doing their work. But so are all the other kids. --Jennifer Jones.

Dear Norm and Chuck,

I like the Learning Center because I learn interesting things. I like to spend my time working with the computer and Chuck. Once again I would like to thank Norm for helping me with my homework. My teacher is so proud of my improvement in my work and my English. My teacher said my English is improving thanks to you. Thank you Norm and Chuck for helping me improve in my English, and now I'm able to speak it better. Before I never would speak English to anyone especially to the teachers, now I feel more confident about my English.

Thank you again for accepting me in OLC because if it wasn't for Norm and Chuck, I wouldn't be able to understand my homework and other work. Also thanks to the rest of the teachers. --Ana Orozco.

We have all enjoyed working with, and helping, Jennifer and Ana. We've seen them make a lot of progress since they started coming to Orangethorpe Learning Center and we certainly thank them for their kind words. We haven't heard from any of our boys yet. We know we have some talented writers among the young men who come to OLC and we'd like to publish your articles in the next Fun Times.

We'd Like to Thank:

Welcome to New Volunteers!

We have enjoyed having several different young people from Chapman University working with the children. Thank you, Rev. Gayle Schoepf, for sending them to us! Cayla Carey, from Brethren Christian Junior High School, has been coming in nearly every Wednesday and really enjoys working with the little children. Denice Hickson, who recently moved into our neighborhood, discovered OLC and started volunteering her time two or three days each week. She also brought a new student with her, Camerina Rodríguez, who is her neighbor.


Dance Classes Begin

When the West Fullerton Resource Center decided to offer dance classes to the Learning Center students, so many kids signed up that the class had to be split into two sections, which have been meeting on alternate Mondays since January 19. Some of our friends we've seen having a lot of fun in the classes are:

Ana, Karina, Michelle, Miguel, Lee, Ericka, Tiffany, Judith, Freddy, Sarah, María, and Jennifer.

Answer to Last Issue's Quiz

The flag which we printed last time is the new flag of South Africa. If we could have printed Fun Times in color, you would have seen that it is red, white, green, yellow, blue and black.

This Issue's Quiz

This time, our flag is a very old one. This flag flies over a republic which was the second country in the Western Hemisphere (the United States was first) to become independent. Its top half is blue, and its bottom half is red. To see if our students really read Fun Times, we'll award a prize to the first three children who tell Norm the name of the country where this flag flies. Read the next Fun Times for the answer and for names of our winners.


A Last-Minute News Bulletin!

Just as we were getting ready to go to press, Karen Evarts arrived at the Learning Center with a MacIntosh SE computer which she and her husband Don wanted to donate. As soon as we plugged in the new computer, which came loaded with a lot of good software, Gabriela sat down and went right to work in Microsoft Word, which she found worked the same as it does on our IBM-style PCs. Kristina also tried out the Mac, and said it was just like the computer her family has at home. It even has all the same games! We certainly thank you, Karen, for making this valuable addition to our computer systems.

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