Fun Times - May 1998
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Vol. 3 No. 4 ----- May 1998
A Homework Center

Students Putting Our New Computers to Good Use

Our homework center is now enjoying a real variety of modern personal computers. Our generous friends have donated whole computers, printers and all kinds of components, which our great computer builder, Tim Oehrke, assembles and turns over to our students.

The children are thrilled to see that now they can write the articles, reports and other projects assigned by their teachers. They discovered that programs like "Microsoft Word" and "Word Perfect" can help them spell words correctly and choose interesting synonyms. They're producing good-looking, professional papers to turn in at school.

Besides using the computers for their homework, some students are beginning to write very original and creative stories. The Solares brothers, William and Jesse, are big dinosaur fans and are creating really interesting stories about the adventures of those huge creatures who lived on Earth millions of years ago. We're going to ask these young authors to let us include some samples of their masterpieces in the next Fun Times.


OLC in the Movies

Tuesday, April 14th, Rev. Tia Wildermuth came to OLC with her video equipment to record the sights and sounds of a day in our homework center. She interviewed our Director, several volunteers and students, and two mothers. The two hours of videotape will be boiled down to about six minutes which will be part of a film to be shown in June at the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Pastor Wildermuth promised to send us a copy of the final videocasette to show the OLC family -- students, parents and volunteers.

Movie film

Friends of OLC

The very existence of Orangethorpe Learning Center would be impossible without the support we've received from the following persons or organizations during the past school year:

Crazy computer

Welcome, New Volunteers!

Thanks to St. Jude Medical Center, there are now six new volunteers helping us on Thursdays -- Sunny Hills High School students Charlene Ruan, Karen Ruan, Mike Chung, Jill Jang and Cathy Chang, plus Lois Shell. And one of our volunteers, Valerie, invited her friend, Barbara Morgan, to work with us on Tuesdays. Barbara is a retired schoolteacher.

Answer to Last Month's Quiz

The blue and red flag which you saw in the previous Fun Times is the flag of the Republic of Haiti, which won its independence in 1805 by defeating Napoleon's armies. Several kids have confessed to us that they didn't even know that there was a quiz, or that they could win prizes, but three students identified this flag correctly and were given prizes -- Shana Williams, Ericka Gutiérrez and Judith Díaz.

Another Quiz

The republic of Haiti is on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Here is the flag of the republic which is on the other half of that island. If we could print Fun Times in color, you'd see that this flag is red, white and blue. Once again, to see whether our students are reading Fun Times, we're offering a prize to each of the first three children who tell Norm the name of the country where this flag flies. Since the three girls who won the prize last time already know where to look, they are strictly prohibited from entering this contest!


Easter Bonnet Sale a Big Success

A big thank you to everybody who made the Easter bonnet auction a really big success...

A Happy Easter to all!


Summer is Coming Soon!

Our homework center will be closed after Thursday, June 4th. But we're already talking to our St. Jude friends about putting together a summer program for all the children in our neighborhood. As soon as we have all the details, we'll send a letter to all the families who have sent their children to OLC this school year. Inspect your mail carefully every day!

You should also check the letters arriving in your mailbox in September. OLC will be back a few days after the Fullerton schools reopen. Students, invite your younger brothers and sisters who are starting in Kindergarten, and your cousins, friends and neighbors. Orangethorpe Learning Center is here to serve all the families of our community. We know there are a lot of kids here who really need help with their homework. The best kind of publicity is an invitation from a satisfied student.

Several students are graduating to Junior High School -- Angela Boutdara, Melissa Fisher, María González, Sarah Lawrence and Ana Orozco. We wish them well in their studies and invite them to come help us at OLC in the fall, just as one of last year's graduates, Shermeek August, is doing.

Fun Times...

is published in English and Spanish to keep the families and friends of OLC informed. We welcome articles written by our students and their families and by other interested people. If you would like us to mail a copy to somebody, please give their mailing address to Norm Todd.

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