Fun Times - June 1998
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Vol. 3 No. 5 ----- June 1998
A Homework Center

Fabulous Summer Program!

We hope we'll see all our Learning Center buddies at Dinosaur Park starting June 23rd. What is Dinosaur Park, anyway? It's a summer adventure which will take place at the Orangethorpe Christian Church and in Gilbert Park, every Tuesday and Thursday, and will include:

Dino Park Mascot

This program is sponsored by Saint Jude Medical Center and by the churches which operate the Learning Center. Parents: if your kids want to participate in Dinosaur Park, please see Cristina Martínez, in the Resource Center across from OLC, to fill out an application for them. For more information, you may call Cristina at 441-3180.

Good Bye, Anthony Audino

We were really saddened to hear that one of our friends, Anthony Audino, won't be with us this Fall. Along with his parents, Bill and María, and his little brother Marcelo, this young student is moving to the state of Georgia. It has always been a lot of fun having him with us at OLC. Anthony is an enthusiastic, hard-working student who is always interested in learning more and doing his homework well. We saw Anthony grow a lot, and not just physically, during the two years that he came to the Learning Center. Good bye and good luck, Anthony!

New Computer Arrives at OLC!

Recently, the Learning Center bought a brand new Pentium computer, thanks to the very generous financial support we've received. This new machine includes a compact disk player and high-fidelity speakers. Our students are taking advantage of our new encyclopedias on CD-ROM which help them study American history, investigate all kinds of plant and animal life, and even listen to bird songs. They're also using educational programs which teach them math and help them expand their vocabularies.

Answer to the Last Quiz

Three students won prizes when they identified the flag which appeared in the last Fun Times as that of the Dominican Republic. Our three winners were Lee Ramírez, Angel Villa and Gabriela Villa. This fall, we'll run another series of quizzes in this newspaper to see if our kids really are reading it and to reward the ones who do read it.

OLC Will Return in the Fall

Monday, September 21st, Orangethorpe Learning Center will open its doors once again to begin its fifth school year serving the families of Southwest Fullerton. Students: invite your little brothers and sisters who are going in Kindergarten, your cousins, friends and neighbors. We'll remind once again our five students who are graduating to Junior High School - Angela Boutdara, Melissa Fisher, María Gonzalez, Sarah Lawrence and Ana Orozco - to come back to OLC and work with us as volunteers.

Fun Times...

is published in English and Spanish to keep the families and friends of OLC informed. We welcome articles written by our students and their families and by other interested people. If you would like us to mail a copy to somebody, please give their mailing address to Norm Todd.

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