Fun Times - December 1998
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Vol. 4 No. 2 ----- December 1998
A Homework Center

Creative Writing Contest

We invited all the students at Orangethorpe Learning Center to submit brief essays describing why they like to come to OLC. We'll print below just a few of the articles which our young authors submitted. Who were the winners, you ask? All of the children who took time to put pencil to paper.

I like coming to the Learning Center because everybody who needs help gets helped by the volunteers. Sometimes we have good snacks. When I don't have any homework, I help kindergarteners. When I have homework, Eleanor, Chuck or Norm help me. Sometimes when I have a report to do, I type it on the computer. I really enjoy reading a book. When I'm bored, I draw or write a story. I really like when we have a party. I'd like to thank the volunteers because they take time off their busy schedule to come and help, and the people who started the Learning Center. -- Cynthia, 5th Grade

I like to come to the Learning Center because they teach me how to do my homework. When you're done with your homework, you could go play on the computer. I like to do my homework there because it is nice and cool over there. There is a lot of cool books at the Learning Center for you to read. Also the teacher is nice because she helps the kids do their homework. Some teachers give out stickers, and others don't. -- Mao, 5th Grade.

I like coming here because when I have hard homework I bring it to the Learning Center and the people help me a lot. Almost every day I like to come to the Learning Center. When I get there I go and ask a teacher to help me. When a teacher helps me, it makes it easier for me to do my hard homework. But when I go there and I don't have homework, I go on the computer and draw.

Then I make a copy of it and I take it home to hang it up on my wall. For homework, sometimes I have math and spelling. I like coming to the Learning Center because when I stay home and don't come to the Learning Center, it is going to be boring. Instead of staying home and being bored, I'd rather go to the Learning Center and do my homework. I would like there to be more helpers at the Learning Center so they can help more kids.

I like coming to the Learning Center because of Norm; he is nice to others and helps the kids a lot. Sometimes Norm doesn't have time to help other people because he is helping somebody already. Norm is so nice that every day when it is 4:15 pm, he says "Clean up!" and we do it. When we're done, we get to have snacks. When I get my snack I go and eat it outside and then wait for my Mom. -- Tony, 6th Grade.

Watch for more in the next issue of Fun Times, including William's original dinosaur story!

Ornament Sale a Big Success!

Under the supervision of Patricia Baird, Margareta Iancului, Linda Espinosa and Jeanette Carey, our students put together hundreds of tiny Christmas decorations, which were sold at our churches to raise funds for the Learning Center. Kristina, Richard and Judith helped sell them to our parishioners after Sunday services. A big thank you to the children for their hard work in assembling the ornaments and to our parishioners for their generosity in buying them!

A Christmas Message

In keeping with the spirit of this Christmas season of "Peace on earth", we are very proud to present here a poem by one of our sixth grade students, Gabriela Villa. Gaby is a very talented and artistic young woman who would like to be a teacher some day. The poem was originally written in English; we thank Gaby for permitting us to add a few lines to it in Spanish.

"Peace is what we need"

E ncourage is what we need to give so we could have peace.

A ll people need to stop having wars, and we also need to stop killing innocent people.

C loser we need to be with our people from around the world.

E xcellence is what everyone needs so that we could all be happy.

This is what we need to have -- peace in our heart!

"La paz es lo que necesitamos"

P az es lo que necesitamos más que cualquier otra cosa.

A mor es lo que debemos tener para todos los pueblos del mundo.

Z ozobra me causan los caudillos y generales del mundo con sus preparaciones para aún más guerras.

¡Todos debemos tener la paz en nuestros corazones!

Some Notes from Norm

I am very happy about the progress of some of our students. Progress comes slowly by continuous daily effort. I hope that the progress reports just received recently reflect some of that effort. Some of the students are learning the discipline of good work habits and as they will find that it does really make a difference in grades.

Setting priorities is an important way to plan your time and to get the important things done. That is why we do homework first and other activities second at the Learning Center. Setting priorities is important throughout life and students who learn it early will be most successful.

Norm Todd

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