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Vol. 4 No. 3 ----- February 1999
A Homework Center

OLC Celebrates Fourth Anniversary!

It was four years ago, on St. Valentine's Day, that Orangethorpe Learning Center first welcomed children in search of a place to get help with their homework after school. We will commemorate that event with a party and dance on Thursday, February 11, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. All families and friends of the learning center are invited to come and celebrate with us!

Vice Principal Visits OLC

The word is going around at Orangethorpe School that our homework center is the place to go after school. We now have about ten per cent of that school's student body enrolled at OLC. This fact reached the attention of the Vice Principal, Ann Rose, who visited us recently. She was well impressed with what we're doing and said that she would tell her teachers about us. This should cause our attendance to continue to increase.

Our enrollment has already reached the one hundred mark. With nearly half of those children present on any day, our need for volunteers is greater than ever. Whether you are a high school student or adult, if you care about children, come work with us at OLC!

Sunny Hills Volunteers Return

Orangethorpe Learning Center welcomes a team of volunteers from Sunny Hills High School. The arrival of two or three additional tutors each day to work with our children makes a big difference in our ability to help children with their homework. The group's participation at OLC was arranged by our friend Kathy Hight of St. Jude Medical Center. Their leader, Karen Ruan, was a volunteer last year and has recruited some young people who show a lot of interest and enthusiasm in working with our children.

Creative Writing Contest

In this issue of Fun Times, we will print several more articles by students at Orangethorpe Learning Center describing why they like to come to OLC...

I like to go to the Learning Center for help after school is over. I go home then I wait until it is almost 3:00. I have to work at the table with the 5th and 6th graders. Some of my friends are there. When I first got there, I saw one of my friends. Then two weeks later I saw another friend at the learning center. Sometimes my teacher gives me hard homework that I don't know how to do, so I ask one of the [volunteer] teachers to help me. Sometimes I don't need help but sometimes I do need help. I like asking Norm to help me. He likes to call the kids "Bud". When I first came to the learning center, I think Norm was the first guy that helped me. The teachers let us use the computer or the phone. This is what I like about learning center. -- Poppy, 5th Grade

Student Author

I like to come to the Learning Center to do my homework and to help others on their homework, but my favorite of all is to help little kids. Little kids are so cute but the thing I like most is to play on the computer alone to draw pictures and to write reports and stories. It is fun! I really think Norm is cool and nice. He helps us on the homework and buys us snacks. I love snacks. They are really yummy. I like the little kids because they are so cute and I like when they listen to me and when they laugh and do what I say. Oh, and Chuck is a good helper, too. -- Ericka, 6th Grade.

Besides telling us how much they like to come to the learning center, sometimes the children let their imaginations run wild while they're sitting in front of the computer. We persuaded one of our students to let us publish his original dinosaur story...


One day there was an Allosaurus eating a Spainosaurus in a tree. The Allosaurus saw Tyrannosaurus Rex and he jumped on him and ate Tyrannosaurus Rex. Allosaurus had a stomach ache, so Allosaurus came to drink some water.

While he was drinking water, Velociraptor came and ate him. There were 22 Velicoraptors and 46 Allosaurus. Then Tyrannosaurus Rex came and ate Velociraptor and swallowed him. Spainosaurus came to the woods and saw Brontosaurus and four Allosaurus come to eat Spainosaurus. T. Rex and Iguanodon hate Velociraptor and Allosaurus.

Stegosaurus was a plant-eater and T. Rex saw him using his tail. Triceratops came with his horn and stabbed Allosaurus and T. Rex with it. Two hundred million years ago, a volcano erupted in the woods. Then T. Rex ate Ankyosaurus and Allosaurus came to the big place where all the dinosaurs were. Then Allosaurus came and grabbed his neck when the other Tyrannosaurus Rex was finding him. Then one day, a Velociraptor saw a bigger fireball. Now it was time to die. The Allosaurus walked around some and soon died. -- William, 4th Grade.

Notes From Norm

The Learning Center has over 100 students on the roll books now. The daily attendance has been in the forties which is a lot of students in a relatively small area. This means that it is important for ALL students to Know and Obey the rules. We will be reviewing the rules in the learning center but it is the responsibility of all the students to know them.

One of the rules that I see being broken quite often is the "NO EATING except at snack time" rule.

Another rule is "NO TOYS are allowed" to be brought to the learning center and that includes yo-yos, balls, and skateboards. If you follow the "keep your hands and feet to yourself" rule then you won't be hitting, wrestling or kicking anyone either. If we all follow the rules, the Learning Center will run smoothly.

The Learning Center is a Homework Center. Please bring your homework each time you come to the Learning Center. If you don't bring your homework you must cooperate with the volunteers and do the work or reading that is assigned to you.

We have completed many "Projects" that were school assignments. Please bring your project assignment sheet from school so that we may verify your project before you start on it.

I would like to say Thank You to the parents who have helped at the homework center. Also a Big Thank You to OLC board member parent representatives Margareta Iancului and María Solares for their help with the learning center.

Snack-time is a very popular time at OLC. I would like say THANK YOU to the parents who have brought cookies and other snacks for snack-time. If you haven't brought snacks before, it is never too late. Check with Eleanor or myself.

Reminder to students: You need to fill out and turn in a parent permission form to attend the dance on Feb. 11.

Another reminder: Orangethorpe Learning Center will be closed on two Mondays: February 8th and 15th. (Fullerton Schools will be closed on those days.)

Norm Todd

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