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Vol. 4 No. 4 ----- May 1999
A Homework Center

OLC Children on the Honor Roll!

We have received very good news from the schools our children attend. They just published their Honor Rolls and Personal Best lists, and we found a lot of our students' names on them. Here are the OLCers who made the Honor Roll:

Wesley Boughman
Tony Boutdara
Mark Henley
Kristina Iancului
Michael Mota
Arcelia Orozco
Sandra Pérez
Mao Kim Phan
Amanda Putzier
Carole Solares
Gabriela Villa

The following children were all named to the Personal Best list, meaning that their grades are higher than they've ever been this year:

Yolanda Amparán
Judith Díaz
Lee Gutiérrez Díaz
Michelle Martínez
Robinson Saradeth
Steve Servín
Jesse Solares
William Solares

Congratulations, kids! We're very proud of all of you! We know that each of you had to do a lot of hard work and we're really happy that we were able to give you some help with your homework now and then.

Interviews With Our Students

During the short time we had before going to press with this issue of Fun Times, we were able to interview two of our young people who made the Honor Roll.

Arcelia Orozco arrived at OLC about two years ago, a very small second grader straight from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. We remember sitting down with "Chela" to hear her read from a Spanish edition of Curious George. Right away, we knew this child really enjoyed reading! The big kids quickly welcomed the smiling, outgoing little one into their midst. The June 1997 Fun Times reports: "four future teachers - Maria Placencia, Jennifer Jones, Judy Diaz and Maria Larios - 'playing school' with newcomer Arcelia Orozco, giving her some tough math problems and spelling words in our 'quiet room'..."

Although Chela didn't know any English then, she soon learned to read, write and speak the new language and made many friends at school. She tells us that her very best friends at Orangethorpe School now are Griselda, Nancy and Ashley. Arcelia excels in all subjects, but her favorites are Math, Art (especially drawing) and Reading. As long as she can remember, she has loved to read. Going to the library was one of Chela's favorite activities in Guadalajara and she has kept on visiting the library here in Fullerton.

Arcelia Orozco lives down the street from OLC with her big sister Ana (another OLC "graduate") and big brother Leonardo. Her parents' names are Arcelia and Leonardo also. Arcelia says she would like to be a schoolteacher some day like her Aunt Ernestina, who teaches kindergarten in Guadalajara. We've seen her at the Learning Center several times reading to the younger children. Chela says she even enjoys helping little ones with their arithmetic!

Another Honor Roll student who would like to be a teacher is Kristina Iancului, who was also a very small second grader when she first came to Orangethorpe Learning Center during our first week of existence. She has been attending very regularly ever since then. We've all enjoyed watching her grow and learn over these four years.

Kristina was born right here in Fullerton, at St. Jude Medical Center, eleven years ago. Her parents both came to the United States from Romania about fifteen years ago. Kristina is a sixth grader at Valencia Park School, where she enjoys Math, Art and Science. Whenever she has time, she sits down with the younger children at OLC to help them do their homework.

Kristina Iancului lives around the corner from OLC with her little brother Richard and her parents Octavian and Margareta. She is a very enthusiastic Girl Scout who loves to go camping. She really enjoys cooking outdoors and making all kinds of crafts projects. We've all bought many boxes of tasty Girl Scout Cookies from her each year to help support her troop. Her best friend at school, who is also with her in Girl Scouts, is Rosie.

Arcelia and Kristina not only attend OLC regularly, but have also invited other kids to come with them. Kristina's neighbor Katie, and Arcelia's neighbor Shelby, are now attending our Learning Center. We hope we'll see both of them on their schools' next honor rolls.

Attention, Parents!

Please remind your children that they must not bring toys (balls, skateboards, yoyos, electronic games, etc.) to the Learning Center. When children play with toys, it distracts other children and makes it very hard for us to maintain an atmosphere in which everybody can study and do homework. We must confiscate any toys which we see inside OLC.

Another GREAT Summer Program!

St. Jude Medical Center will sponsor a summer program for the children of our neighborhood once again this year. It will be called "Dinosaur Park Summer Camp". Many of our children attended the first Dinosaur Park last summer and can remember what a great time they had. This year, the program will be offered three days a week for ten weeks at Orangethorpe Christian Church, next door to Gilbert Park. Parents, please sign up your children soon, as Dinosaur Park only has room for a few more children. If you have any questions, please call Cristina Martínez, of the West Fullerton Resource Center, at 441-3180.

New Badges

We now have new, brightly-colored badges for our students and volunteers, plus a board to hang them on. Thank you, Carl Borris, for designing and building the board and printing the badges. We will give one of the new badges to any student who attends OLC regularly. Children, please wear your badges at all times while at the Learning Center so we will know who you are.

New Friends of OLC

Recently, the Orangethorpe Learning Center was honored to receive additional financial support from:

We also received donations of computer equipment from Rodney Ault and Perry Couvillion.

We are grateful to you, and to the members of our sponsoring churches who make regular donations, for your support!

Easter Basket Auction a Success!

On Palm Sunday, we held an auction at which we sold the beautiful Easter baskets which our children had made. The sale raised more than $450 to support our homework center. A big thank you to:

  • The children who made the baskets,
  • Patricia Baird and Linda Espinosa who supervised the project,
  • Our parishioners who paid very generous prices for the baskets.
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