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Vol. 4 No. 5 ----- June 1999
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More OLC Children Honored!

In last month's Fun Times, we published a list of eleven of our students who were named to their schools' Honor Rolls. We regret that we omitted the names of three other students:

We must also apologize to Wesley Baughman, whose name we misspelled. Sorry 'bout that, Wes!

In addition to these Honor Roll students, several other students were honored. Gabriela Villa and Wesley Baughman received Presidential citations (signed by Bill Clinton!) for "outstanding academic achievement". Amanda Baughman and William Solares participated in the Academic Olympics. Judith Díaz was awarded a third prize for her entry in the DARE essay contest. Arcelia Orozco received a First Prize in the Gold Rush Days Costume Competition. Tiffany Hernández was named Student of the Month. Cynthia Martínez and Arcelia Orozco were named Conflict Managers. Amanda Baughman, Wesley Baughman, Tony Boutdara, Popy Saradeth and William Solares were all recognized for perfect attendance throughout the 1998-99 school year. Congratulations, kids! We hope we didn't miss any names this time.

More Interviews

When we learned that several more OLCers had been named to their Honor Rolls, we contacted two of these children, who were kind enough to let us interview them. Ever since they started attending Orangethorpe Learning Center nearly a year ago, we've enjoyed working with Isaías González and his sister, Gabriela. They are both intelligent and hard-working students who deserve the honors awarded to them.

Isaías tells us he was born eleven years ago in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, and came to the United States when he was three years old. He and his parents, Alicia and Isaías, lived in Los Angeles for awhile before moving to Fullerton. Like last month's interviewee, Kristina, Isaías is in Mr. Price's sixth grade class at Valencia Park School.

Isaías' best friends are Johnny, Tony and Saúl. His favorite subjects are Science and Phys Ed. He likes reading about animals and playing soccer. Isaías' ambition in life is to play professional soccer for the mighty Chivas Rayadas of his birthplace, Guadalajara. If that isn't possible, he would like to be a lawyer.


Gabriela González is a first grader who was born seven years ago on Valentine's Day in Anaheim. Her best subjects are math and reading. Among her many friends are Sofía and Jannelly. Gabriela would like to be an ice skater one day. She doesn't own her own pair of ice skates yet, but really admires the graceful skaters on television.

Some Notes From Norm

What a super year of accomplishments, learning, doing, and awards! OLC students are super!

There are so many to thank. St. Jude Medical Center, The We Care group, Mrs. Ann Rose of Orangethorpe School, the volunteers, parents and church members and Eleanor. Some advice to students: Keep your skills up this summer! Read, grow, experience and learn! Your Future is up to you!

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