Post cards from Kristina

Here are the first post cards, and some e-mail, which Kristina sent us during her travels in Europe.

Tarjetas postales de Kristina

Estas son las primeras tarjetas postales, y unas cartas electrónicas, que Kristina nos mandó durante su viaje en Europa.

PARIS - Les InvalidesCarte postale de Kristina
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 21:56:32 GMT
Hey Guys!!!
I finally got to get to a computer!!! There is not very many around here in Europe. I'm in London right now! its really late and its almost 11 pm. in america the time is different of course. Well we've been to France, Paris already and London is our 2nd stop and i'm at Jeni's house for a visit. Jeni took us to the city she lives in and toured us. We will be leaving tomorrow morning! I hope all of you guys are having a blast of summer! I sure am. Well i hope to hear from you guys and sorry if i don't respond quickly is probably because there is no computers to get to with an INTERNET. See ya soon!
Kristina from London...

LONDON - 16 viewsPost card from Kristina
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 19:40:56 GMT
Hey Chuck and Jeanette,
We just arrived in Germany, city of Hamburg and we are staying over at a friends apartment who was my mother's friend in High School of Romania. They have a computer that we can use. We were at first Paris, then London (where i emailed you), then Belgium, then Holland (Nederland), then now Germany. We did send some postcards and we were wondering if you ever got them...? We mailed them to OLC. Not sure if Norm checks mail there. Our next stop is Berlin, Germany. I'm surprised that you are going to Peru, you will have fun! Wherever our next stop with a computer is i'll email you again. And hope you get those postcards. Have a nice trip!
Kristina and Margareta

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